2006-10-20 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Cooking with sleeping pill Ambien!

ABC Radio’s science show Ockham’s Razor compares behaviour across the animal kingdom and asks ‘What counts as intelligence?’

New Scientist reports on a wonderfully designed study suggesting that facial expressions might be inherited to some degree.

Apparently, I am not pictured smoking a large reefer on mental health blog The Trouble with Spikol.

A correlation between TV watching and autism causes a stir. Original paper here.

Was Agatha Christie’s previously unexplained temporary disappearance due to a ‘fugue state’? A rare memory disorder.

The Guardian looks at recent research suggesting a link between omega-3 intake and violence.

The New York Review of Books has philosopher John Searle reviewing Humphrey’s “Seeing Red: A Study in Consciousness”.

New Scientist reports that the initial trials for gene therapy reduces Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

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