Society for Neuroscience 2006 conference in full swing

sfnlogo_beige.jpgSfN 2006, the Society for Neuroscience’s yearly tribal gathering, has kicked off in Atlanta and several bloggers are keeping tabs on the proceedings.

Jake from Pure Pedantry, Shelley from Retrospectacle, the Neurocontrarian and Neurotopia are all bringing you some of the latest scientific developments from the floor.

They’re also bringing you some of the news that isn’t appearing in the mainstream news feeds:

…Jake and Shelley and I had dinner last night and went clubbing, and poor Neurocontrarian ended up crashing on our floor after making out with some hottie.

You may wish to compare with the recently risen-from-the-ashes Nature Neuroscience Action Potential blog:

Nature Publishing threw a very classy party at the Sundial Restaurant, slowly rotating high above downtown. I was astonished to hear Morgan Sheng, Moses Chao and Bartlett Mel all speak (some) German! Very good, guys, keep it up πŸ™‚

I’ve not been able to find any relevant feeds on Flickr yet, so if anyone is uploading any photos, or is blogging the conference and hasn’t been mentioned, do get in touch.

Link to SfN 2006 website with searchable abstracts.

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