2006-10-13 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


ABC Radio’s All in the Mind has a fascinating discussion on the psychology and philosophy of pain.

American Scientist takes a look at the psychology of scientific reasoning and progress.

ABC Radio’s In Conversation interviews Rupert Sheldrake, ex-biologist, now turned parapsychologist.

The psychology and clinical treatment of compulsive shopping is tackled by Science News.

Can social psychology tackle terrorism, international conflict and guerilla warfare? Scott Atran’s presentation to the The National Security Council At The White House is online.

Another great article with an appalling headline. The Times examines Martha Farah’s work on the cognitive neuroscience of poverty.

Is there a correlation between BMI and cognitive decline? Retrospectacle considers a touch-paper debate.

Spacetime and Linguistic Relativity. Enough said.

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