Best out of 3: BPS Research Digest special

bunch_balloons.jpgThere’s a new edition of the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest available online, with the usual collection of updates on the world of psychology research, as well as some special articles by guest writers to celebrate three years of the Digest.

Christian has asked a number of online writers to think of a study from the last three years which has inspired them or changed the way they think about psychology.

First up is Dave and Greta Munger from Cognitive Daily who discuss the startling effect of ‘boundary extension’ – “when you see a scene such as a photograph or even a three-dimensional representation with a clear border, then your memory of that scene tends to extend beyond the original boundary: you remember the scene as larger than it actually was, sometimes even just a few seconds after seeing it.”

They’ll also be forthcoming articles to be published shortly by Dryden Badenoch of The Relaxed Therapist, Jeremy Dean of PsyBlog, Will Meek of Staff Psychologist, Chris Chatham of Developing Intelligence and a short article by me covering a wonderful study on dopamine, stress and unusual experiences.

As well as launching the anniversary special series, there’s also the usual selection of research updates.

This fortnight has articles on a study on the psychology of graphical online interaction (conducted by one of the pioneers of the field, Nick Yee), the widely reported induced ‘shadow self’ experiment, the use of complementary medicine, a study of how much money affects your happiness, the effects of musical tuition on brain development and a study on memory decline in old age.

Link to the BPS Research Digest.

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