2006-09-29 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Brain Ethics examines evidence for the effect of different types of attachment (early relationship with parents) on the brain.

Everyday magical powers: A paper from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reports on the tendency to attribute magical causes to outside events.

Researchers call for a database of language impairing disorders to help work out the neuroscience and genetics of language.

The Neurophilosopher has found a number of new quality mind and brain blogs.

Similarly, Cognitive Daily has found psychology of music blog Sound and Mind and cognitive anthropology blog Alpha Psy.

Brain scans shows white matter differences in tone deaf people.

PsychCentral looks on the bright side with ‘top ten terrific things about bipolar disorder’.

Frontal Cortex has further commentary on the NYT article on hysteria, suggesting it has important implications for how we understand mental illness.

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