From My Mind to Your Mind

Willats_AroundTheNetworkDetail.jpgLondon’s Victoria Miro Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition by Stephen Willats entitled From My Mind to Your Mind.

Willats uses his artwork to explore how people makes sense of the world, particularly in terms of how we operate and interact as individuals in society.

Particularly focusing on urban life, he often critiques the way in which modern city-based living affects not only the practical aspects of life, but also how we begin to perceive the world through this urban lens.

The Tate Modern recently hosted a discussion with Willats on his work, and have made the podcasts available online.

The exhibition at the Victoria Miro gallery runs until the 30th September.

Link to information and images from Victoria Miro Gallery.
Link to podcasts of discussion with Willats from Tate Modern.

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