Bipolar disorder on the BBC

stephen_fry_bbc.jpgThe BBC has a focus on bipolar disorder over the next few weeks with a TV documentary hosted by Stephen Fry investigating the condition, and a special edition of BBC Radio 4’s Case Notes on the disorder.

We reported earlier this year that Stephen Fry, diagnosed with bipolar himself, visited Cardiff University’s neuropsychiatric genetics unit to film parts of a documentary.

The first part of the documentary was on last night (I missed it I’m afraid and am currently searching bittorrent trackers for a copy) and the next is on BBC2 next Tuesday.

However, the BBC has a webpage with information about the documentary and the condition, including video clips which are available online.

In the documentary, Fry discusses his own experiences, as well as interviewing people like Carrie Fisher, Robbbie Williams and Tony Slattery about their lives with unpredictable thoughts and moods.

The documentary also tackles the psychology and neuroscience of the condition, with the help of researchers who are attempting to make sense of how this complex condition starts, and impacts upon affected individuals.

BBC Radio 4’s Case Notes also discusses bipolar in detail, including the best current treatments and ways of coping.

Link to BBC website on Stephen Fry’s bipolar documentary.
Link to Case Notes on bipolar disorder.

One thought on “Bipolar disorder on the BBC”

  1. I was most impressed with BBC documentary. I have just recently been diagnosed with Manic Bypolar. I spoke to my psychiatrist in relation to the show. I have lost two marriages, three homes, an executive career and all my savings and now I live on disability pension. I have been taken advantage of by my partners whilst was on a elevation. My life is in a mess with a slight escape of self distruction. I have a very creative and intellectual mind. God bless you !

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