The DiNET project

marc_jorge.jpgWhile in Seville, I met up with Marcos Cobe√±a and Jorge Cant√≥n, two computational neuroscientists who are involved in a project to develop a model of brain function based on Jeff Hawkins’ Hierarchical Temporal Memory framework.

Their project, based at the University of Seville, is called DiNET and aims to develop free software to implement the simulation using the Mono framework to easily enable distributed processing.

Firstly, I must thank Marcos and Jorge for giving me the chance to have my first neuroscience discussion in Spanish, and secondly, for being patient with my dodgy grammar.

One of the things I noted was their enthusiasm for the project and their intention to get as much biological detail into the model as possible, as much of the time was spent discussing details of neural architecture and pathways.

They’re also looking for people willing to join the project. They have a mailing list to discuss the project (currently only in Spanish, but they tell me that will change shortly) and updates will be appearing on the DiNET website.

I look forward to hearing more about the project as it progresses.

Link to DiNET.
Link to website on Hawkin’s theories.

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