Cognitive neuroscience free samples

ward_jamie.jpgPsychology Press have put together a slick site to promote and enhance their cognitive neuroscience books, and particularly their new textbook The Student’s Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience with sample chapters, downloads and a podcast available online.

The books is written by Dr Jamie Ward who founded the synaesthesia research group at University College London and happened to be my MSc supervisor (and is a jolly nice chap to boot).

Jamie has co-ordinated the MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology at UCL for several years, and it’s good to see he’s put together a textbook aimed at covering neuropsychology that is accessible to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

He is interviewed in an mp3 podcast about his own research and the field of cognitive neuroscience in general.

The first chapter of his book is also available online, and covers the history and development of mind-brain studies.

Link to Psychology Press ‘Cognitive Neuroscience Arena’ (via BrainEthics).
mp3 of interview with Jamie Ward.
Link to sample chapter.

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