2006-08-25 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Retrospectacle discusses the famous study on London cab drivers that won an IgNobel Award but has actually provided some important findings on adult brain regeneration.

American Scientist talks to psychologist Marc Hauser on the prospect of a moral instinct.

Research finds ‘unique brain gene’ – again.

A Blog Around The Clock asks should we rewrite the textbook on neuron regulation channels?

The ‘Hobbit’ debate rumbles on: New groups of researchers claim that Hobbit was a ‘disabled caveman‘.

A newspaper article in The Telegraph to accompany a recent TV series looks at the influence of biology and genetics on what makes us human.

How do we keep track of multiple objects? Cognitive Daily investigates the latest research.

Nature talks to Nick ‘we’re living in a computer simulation‘ Bostrom about human enhancement and virtue engineering.

A humorous list of logical fallacies in computational neuroscience are unearthed by OmniBrain.

Developing Intelligence looks at the latest research on the tricky problem of visual binding – the ability to combine different sources of sensory information into one conscious perception.

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