2006-08-18 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


The Philidelphia Inquirer reviews a book on the Philosophy of Boredom.

Is this the most sci-fi sounding article ever? Developing Intelligence unleashes The Argument for Multiplexed Synchrony.

BBC Radio 4 has a half-hour programme on the experience and impact of mild brain injury.

ABC Radio’s opinion show Ockham’s Razor looks at the world through the eyes of an adult with Asperger’s: Profile of a postmodern outsider.

Couple more on the mind and motivations of Philip K. Dick:
* The Guardian examines the role of drugs in PKD’s life and novels.
* 3QuarksDaily examines the reality-bending legacies of PKD, Timothy Leary and Hunter S. Thompson.

If you have ever wondered how it is possible to do psychology experiments on babies under 12 months, Cognitive Daily brilliantly outlines one method.

‘Your brain boots up like a computer’ according to LiveScience. A Sparc Classic in my case.

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