Epileptic – the comic

epileptic_front_cover.jpgEpileptic is a comic book by David B that charts the impact of his brother’s epilepsy on the author’s life and family.

Originally written in French, when first published in English, Time Magazine described it as “a great work of art” and nominated it as the best graphic novel of the year.

It has subsequently won a number of prizes and is often mentioned alongside Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus for its narrative and insight.

I’ve only just begun reading it myself but it is immediately striking both for its honesty and its dream-like (post seizure-like?) approach, where ideas and experiences fill the panels as real as if they were concrete characters of the plot.

The portrayal of epilepsy is accurate and sensitive, and rivals Ray Robinson’s novel Electricity for its impact.

Epileptic was released in paperback earlier this year (ISBN 0224079204).

Link to information about Epileptic graphic novel.
Link to Time review.
Link to Time interview with author.

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