In defense of Big Pharma

pills_on_counter.jpgCommentary Magazine has an articulate article arguing in support of large drug companies and the necessity of current drug developing and marketing practices.

Most of the articles you see these days are quite critical of ‘Big Pharma’ so it’s refreshing to see a spirited defense.

Over the last decade, extraordinary advances in bioengineering have transformed pharmacology. Sooner or later, the industry and its pilot fish will surely find drugs that can halt colon, breast, and lung cancers, that can curb obesity and thus heart disease, and that will not merely suppress the HIV virus but purge it from the body completely. A new pharmacology of the brain may cure depression and stop the onset of Alzheimer’s. These and other once inscrutable scourges are now—essentially—becoming problems in diligent engineering.

The article tackles the economics, politics and medicine of producing potentially useful drugs on an international scale and argues that only large corporate entities have the resources and the motivation to do so.

Link to article ‘In Defense of Big Pharma’.

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