SciAmMind on neurosurgery, attention and DBS

SciAmMindAug2006.jpgScientific American Mind has just released a new issue with several articles freely available online.

The article on neurosurgery is by neurosurgeon Dr Katrina Firlik, who we interviewed back in May.

In an excerpt from her book, she discusses what influences the decision over whether to operate or not operate on a particular patient. This can include both social and person factors, as well as practical medical issues.

Another article tackles the cognitive neuroscience of attention.

Attention is one of the most widely used concepts in modern cognitive science but is remarkably difficult to pin down. The article does a great job of unpicking this technical yet intruiging area.

The print version of the magazine also contains articles on the neuroscience of fainting, diversity at work, the function of endocannabinoids (marijuana-like) neurochemicals, the teenage brain, neuroscience archaeology and the possible emotional motivations for violence.

There’s also a revealing profile of neurologist Dr Helen Mayberg’s work on deep brain stimulation (DBS) for depression by David Dobbs, who writes the Smooth Pebbles blog.

Although the article isn’t available on the SciAmMind website, a text-only version is available on Dobbs’ website.


Link to article ‘Should We Operate?’.
Link to article ‘Coming to Attention’.
Link to profile of neurologist Dr Helen Mayberg.

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