Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal?

The classic 1996 paper by psychologist Henry Adams and colleagues that reported that homophobic males were more likely to be turned on by gay pornography that non-homophobic males is available online as a pdf file.

This study has been cited (not without controversy) as evidence for Freud’s concept of latent homosexuality.

It is no less controversial now and there have been many criticisms and commentaries since it was first published.

pdf of full-text paper.
Link to summary on PubMed.

13 thoughts on “Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal?”

  1. Tell me: who is this homophobic guy who’s been subjected to to watch gay scenes he so detests? Who would betray its own principles in this way and would give himself freely to be subject to contradiction? This pseudo “research” is a LIE !

    1. Let me put this another way: why not impose Gays to watch heterosexual scenes and them measure their arousal? Oh, I don’t think so! Because this will prove they are heterosexual deviants, which is what they really are!

      They say “hey guys let’s make a study to prove that homophobes are closet homos…
      oh look! A vague correlation: let’s draw wild conclusions.”

      100% hetero men can be uncomfortable with homosexuals. That just means they find boys kissing boys a little bit gross. it’s not questionable until they start building a career or lifestyle around their dislike of homosexuals. Because the 100% hetero man isn’t going to be thinking about homosexuals very much, the same way I don’t spend too much time considering the vagaries of steaming horse shit or penile-vaginal intercourse. When you’re getting spooked by homosexual specters left and right, endangering your children and your sexuality with their rampant gayness it just sort of tells everyone what you spend a lot of time thinking about (rampant gayness).

      1. it’s boy on boy action that’s in question, not hetero. lesbians would not cause gay arousal so why is homo sex arousing other hetero boys. get it?

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