Neurosurgery: Live!

or-live_lobectomoy.jpgOR-Live is a website that carries videos of surgical procedures, including a section where you can watch neurosurgery in action.

A brain clipping and coiling procedure to repair an aneurysm will be broadcast live today, and if that doesn’t take your fancy, there’s plenty more in the archive.

One of my favorites is a temporal lobectomy (removal of part of the temporal lobe) that was completed to remove the source of untreatable epileptic seizures.

It has a winning combination of a fascinating surgical procedure and a slightly uncomfortable professor of neurosurgery looking a bit awkward in front of the camera.

The site is a little confusing in that you need to use the ‘Watch Live Webcast’ link to launch an archive recording as well as see a live broadcast.

Link to neurosurgery at OR-Live (via Neurocontrarian).

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