2006-07-28 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Research in PLoS Biology reports that functional connections in the brain transform experience into memory.

Some researchers still not disclosing their conflict of interest in key studies, reports AADT Blog.

BBC Radio 4 programme Leading Edge discusses body clock genes and mind reading machines.

Metapsychology has an in-depth review of Nancy Andreasan’s book on the neuroscience of genius (via 3Q).

New autism study shows differences in brain structure.

Seed Magazine reports that brain scanning research that suggests that we can process social outsiders as less than human.

Researchers identify what are possibly the first neurons in the development of the human cortex.

Nature Reviews Neuroscience has an in-depth article on molecular and genetic approaches to brain asymmetry and handedness.

The Psychiatric Times explores the link between conduct problems in adolescence and personality disorders in adulthood.

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