2006-07-21 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


New brain-computer interface turns brains into automatic image sorter thats operate faster than human consciousness.

The Neurophile discusses the difficulty with classifying LSD.

Manchester University reports on the use of virtual reality to test claims of telepathy.

Do we agree on what’s beautiful? asks Cognitive Daily.

The Neurophilosopher analyses Grossberg’s neural network model that attempts to explain autism.

The latest results on the effects of mobile phones on the brain are discussed by Brain Ethics.

ABC Radio Health Report discusses the myths and realities of adult ADHD.

New Scientist reports that probable cause of some deadly brain cancers established.

More on drug advertising from Neurofuture (aw, shucks) and Omni Brain.

Dating coaches. huh?

Comic strip tackles the new face of teenage rebellion. Computational linguistics in the firing line.

2006 Biomedical Image Awards contains several neuroscience images.

It can’t hurt to ask to ask about drugs? Can it? Asking about drugs use can increase the chance of people using substances suggests new research.

Men who share a bed with someone suffer mild cognitive impairment, women sleep better!

Omni Brain are recruiting!

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