The psychology of stalking

girl_hand_on_head_bw.jpgThe ever excellent ABC Radio All in the Mind has a special edition on the psychology of stalking, investigating the drives and motivations of persistent stalkers as well as the impact on their victims.

In order to better understand stalking, Paul Mullen’s group have categorised people who stalk according to what motivates them. There’s the rejected stalker, usually ex-partners trying to reinstate a relationship. The intimacy seeker, who professes love but is oblivious to their victim’s feelings – people who stalk celebrities usually fall into this category and are the most persistent. There’s the incompetent suitor, who lacks the social skills necessary to establish an intimate relationship; the resentful stalker, who’s motivated by anger and a desire for revenge – they can be very frightening but rarely physically violent. And lastly, and thankfully the most rare, is the predatory stalker – they are driven by sadistic pleasure, their stalking is sexual in nature and often leads to attack.

The British Psychological Society magazine The Psychologist published an article on stalking a few years ago (pdf) also examining this intriguing yet disturbing phenomenon.

Link to audio and transcript of AITM on stalking.
pdf of article on stalking from The Psychologist.

One thought on “The psychology of stalking”

  1. I have been the victim of a stalker for over 2 years now, she cycles. It falls into the resentment type that I saw listed in the blog. She had a fling with my boyfriend and decided she had a right to violate my medical privacy and also my freedom. She follows me very stealthily so I have not seen her but see her actions. Raw chicken in my car, egging my car, slashing my tire, letting the air out of my tires. My question is. Why won’t the police help? They tell me to keep note of everything then say, “you need to get a life”. I had a life, before this, now I am in fear for it and that of my family, she even managed to get to the door of my condo and approach my 4 yr old grandchild. HELP! I need to know if there is anyone that can help. FBI? Local cops are too lazy to even verify info with a phone call. I am at my wits end trying to get a restaining order and the police won’t even fingerprint the evidence so I have proof…

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