2006-07-14 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Washington Post discusses the prejudices associated with elderly mental illness.

The neuroscience of playing chicken is analysed on Mixing Memory.

Time Magazine has an in-depth article on the ‘New Science of Siblings‘ looking at the genetic influences on thought and behaviour.

Neurophilosophy blog discusses a potential new blood test for prion diseases like vCJD and mad cow disease.

Deric Bownds’ Biology of Mind Blog hits full stride.

There’s a wonderful article on ‘What a synapse does when it’s not doing anything‘ on Gene Expression.

Magic mushrooms cause profound spiritual experiences. Pope still catholic.

Free will, criminal acts and brain tumours: The Times discusses cases where neuropathology seems to have led directly to criminal behaviour.

Science News analyses the ‘neglected’ impact of ADHD in girls.

Research suggests early brain scans may predict later Alzheimer’s disease.

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