From bad to worse: the worst ideas on the mind

black_boxing_glove.jpgAs a follow on to their previous ‘greatest minds on the minds’ event, the Royal Institution will be hosting a lively event in London to find out what is the worst idea ever to grace the worlds of psychology and psychiatry.

The debate will happen on Tuesday 18 July and will feature lobotomy, post-trauma counselling, drug company advertising and Freudian psychotherapy.

Interestingly, Freud also featured as one of the ‘great minds’ featured in the last debate. The fact he turns up in both is a lovely illustration of his still controversial legacy.

Lobotomy is notorious for its over-zealous application and long-term damaging effects, post-trauma counselling – otherwise known as ‘debriefing’ – has been shown to make trauma worse in some people, and drug company advertising is widely cited for its insidious effects on both doctors and patients.

As with the previous event, the debate will finish with an audience vote to settle the matter. Let the battle begin!

Link to details of event from the Royal Institution.

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