Will someone please muffle Cliff Arnall

Petra Boyton has an article on yet another piece of useless pop psychology from Cliff Arnall – the guy who specialises in making up ‘formulas’ about the happiest day of the year and other such banalities.

These press releases are usually on behalf of a PR company and usually make the headlines, despite being complete nonsense.

Cliff, stop it.

One thought on “Will someone please muffle Cliff Arnall”

  1. I am interested in your antipathy,Petra. Isn’t anyone who earns a shilling via the media some kind of whore. Wouldn’t it be interesting to look at the motivation for anyone who shares their knowledge via the radio waves, television or newspaper?
    Is there a moral issue in you selling your knowledge/expertise to whoever, whether it be the Health Service, private patients or the meeja?
    What makes you so different from Mr Arnall?

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