Pentagon memo lists homosexuality as mental disorder

According to a news report from NBC, it seems the Pentagon are still stuck way back in 1973, when the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders:

WASHINGTON – A Pentagon document classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder, decades after mental health experts abandoned that position.

The document outlines retirement or other discharge policies for service members with physical disabilities, and in a section on defects lists homosexuality alongside mental retardation and personality disorders.

Link to article ‘Pentagon memo: Homosexuality a disorder’ (via BB).

2 thoughts on “Pentagon memo lists homosexuality as mental disorder”

  1. Gays can function in society, so by definition it isn’t a Mental Disorder.
    However the burden should not be solely laid upon the Pentagon. They didn’t make the rules, society made the rules for them.
    Gays in the military and the Pentagon feeling “Ok” with it could effect the integrity of the Military. [Look what happened to the Boy Scouts] “I’m not joining the Army, it’s Gay!” blah blah Which could effect recruitment as well as on the field “I’m not backing that gay up” Which is how “Don’t ask don’t tell” came about.
    The Pentagon isn’t “adding” to culture, just following it. Culture has to change, then the Pentagon will.

  2. I don’t agree. How can society change when such a respected establishment which controls many aspects of it still harbours such views? Whether we like it or not, people look up to authority for guidance on what is right and wrong.
    Also, suggesting that gay people would lower the integrity of the military seems to be quite a backward-minded statement.
    No offence meant, I just wanted to put in my two pennies.

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