Scienceblogs ‘Brain and Behavior’ channel

ScienceBlogsLogo.pngScienceBlogs has just welcomed a slew of new writers in the fold and now has enough to justify a Brain and Behavior Channel which gathers all the posts from the cognitive and neuroscience sites.

The new members include neuroscientists Shelly Batts, Jake Young and, er, The Evil Monkey.

Also part of the collective are Jonah Lehrer, a staff writer for Seed Magazine with an interest in cognitive science, and a site called Corpus Callosum, written by a community psychiatrist from the US.

You may also recognise Mixing Memory and Carl Zimmer’s The Loom , both of which have now moved to the expanded science blogging site.

Link to ScienceBlogs brain and behavior channel.

One thought on “Scienceblogs ‘Brain and Behavior’ channel”

  1. Oh, Circadiana has also moved to SEED. It has been renamed “A Blog Around The Clock” and is also on the “Brain&Behavior” channel.

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