Cognitive science podcasts from Science and the City

bw_headphones.jpgNew York Academy of Sciences webzine Science in the City has a been archiving a series of interviews, conversations, and lectures by noted scientists and authors, including some of the brightest and best in cognitive science.

Some of the recent events have been:

* Mind Versus Soul panel discussion [mp3]
* Eric Kandel on In Search of Memory [mp3]
* V.S. Ramachandran on Synesthesia and Art [QT]
* How Human Minds Make Human Kinds [mp3]
* The Chemical Roots of Romance [mp3]
* How Trauma Changes Us [mp3]
* Facts, Ethics, and Policy Guiding Neuroscience [mp3]
* Ethics in the Age of Neuroscience [mp3]

The QT link for the Ramachandran talk is an ‘enhanced podcast’ that displays relevant links and images as the talk progresses if played in Quicktime.

Link to Science in the City podcasts (thanks Ben!).

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