The curious case of Morgellons disease

morgellons_article_image.jpgMorgellons is claimed to be a new form of skin disease by its sufferers but has been largely ignored by the medical community and some have claimed it is, in reality, a psychotic syndrome akin to delusional parasitosis.

Outraged by the accusation that their symptoms may be a result of mental illness, proponents are producing fibrous outgrowths from their troubling skin lesions as evidence of its reality.

Although previously just a fringe concern, in the last few weeks Morgellons has gained a huge amount of publicity, with TV reports, magazine articles, newspaper stories and posts on some of the internet’s most popular sites.

Nevertheless, Morgellons challenges more than just the ability of the medical community to make sense of physical symptoms, and is a classic example of a syndrome on the borderlands of medicine.

The only peer-reviewed article on Morgellons indexed by PubMed, the international database of medical research, was published this January in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. It defines the condition as “characterized by fiber-like strands extruding from the skin in conjunction with various dermatologic and neuropsychiatric symptoms” and goes on to describe a coherent theory, but no conclusive evidence, for its existence as a genuine skin condition.

MaryLeitao.jpgThe paper was co-authored by biologist Mary Leitao (left) and funded by the Morgellons Research Foundation, an organisation Leitao founded after she became concerned about a rash on her son that seemed to contain fibres, subsequently dismissed by the doctors she consulted.

In contrast, after concerns about the disease were first widely broadcast in the media, Duval County Health Department investigated a series of cases and concluded in their report that those reporting Morgellons in fact suffered from delusional parasitosis, a form of limited psychosis diagnosed as a subtype of delusional disorder.

Interestingly, the fact that self-reported Morgellons is associated with mental illness is not in dispute. Both sides of the debate find evidence that sufferers have significant levels of psychological, and sometimes, neurological disorder.

What is at stake is cause. The debate is over whether pre-existing mental disorder is leading people to believe that they have been infested with parasites, or whether these parasites cause so much distress as to cause a mental or neurological disorder.

However, the medical community has many reasons to doubt the existence of Morgellons as a new form of previously undetected parasite or infection.

The first is that medicine is very good at detecting specific pathogens – infectious organisms that cause disease or illness. They can be measured, quantified, analysed and give a definite indication whether the person has the disease or not.

Mad cow disease, and its human equivalent, is a classic example of this. Cases of the disease were relatively rare, produced non-specific neurological symptoms, and turned out to be caused by prions, a form of infectious protein virtually unknown until a few years before. Despite these hurdles, the disease was recognised and quantified very quickly.

Further Morgellons research is underway, however. Randy Wymore, a professor of Pharmacology and Physiology at Oklahoma State University, might yet find a conclusive pathogen for Morgellons, but the fact that no widely accepted findings have been forthcoming, especially from something that supposedly produces such visible symptoms is bound to cause suspicions about a psychological cause for the disorder.

Secondly, the symptoms of Morgellons are indeed consistent with delusional parasitosis, even down to finding fibres in the skin.

Producing dubious evidence of the supposed infection is so common in delusional parasitosis as to be used one indication of the diagnosis (known as the ‘matchbox sign’ as people often bring such fragments in small containers such as matchboxes).

Psychiatrist Alistair Munro, author of one of the only books to specifically address delusional disorder, notes that patients with delusional parasitosis may dig into their flesh and retrieve small fibres – most likely to be the ends of peripheral nerves that form a network under the surface of the skin.

Other fibres such as trapped hairs, or even keratin, a fibrous protein recently found to be a component of normal human skin, might be found by those examining skin lesions in detail and used as evidence for a Morgellons-like infection.

presume_morgellons_fibres.jpgIndeed, some people claiming to have Morgellons produce such a wide range of fibres as evidence that it is hard to believe that they could all come from a single infectious disease, especially when the majority resemble man-made fibres (right) and human tissue.

However, there is an important discrepancy between the delusional explanation preferred by the medical profession and the presentation of people who claim to be affected by the condition.

Delusions are defined as false, fixed beliefs, not held by members of the person’s culture or subculture. Although online subcultures of psychotic individuals are not unknown, the fact that there is a well-organised Morgellons community, and that cases seem to peak with media interest, suggests that not everyone who believes they have Morgellons is frankly psychotic. Of course, there may be sufferers who are, but cases of people who have delusions of HIV infection do not causes HIV doctors to doubt their diagnoses.

Morgellons seems to be a disorder on the borderlands of medicine – what is being increasingly called a ‘medically unexplained symptom’. Here, the interplay between belief and the body is thought to be key, as the mind has long been known to produce genuine physical symptoms, a process known as somatisation.

At the time of writing, exactly such a disorder is sweeping Portugal. Large numbers of school children are reporting physical symptoms of a mysterious condition. Curiously, the symptoms mirror those suffered by characters in a recent edition of a soap opera, where a life-threatening virus caused an outbreak in a school.

This is not an unknown situation, and has been extensively studied by sociologist Robert Bartholomew who has reported on numerous occasions where physical symptoms spread through populations, only to disappear without trace when the social concern subsides.

Sometimes this can take quite a dramatic form, famously with koro, where sufferers believe they are afflicted with a life-threatening disorder which causes the penis to shrink into the body.

Often, the interaction between belief and symptoms is far more mundane and relatively commonplace. A recent study estimated that about 50% of consultations to hospital outpatients departments have no associated disease. One difficulty with such problems is that doctors have traditionally dismissed them as ‘all in the mind’ – implying that they are no concern to busy physicians.

More recently, however, there has been an acceptance that belief plays an essential role in the course of illness, whether they have been traditionally classified as ‘physical’ or ‘mental’ disorders.

The famous distinction between mind and body is seeming increasingly redundant, and disease-related disability is now being widely-treated with psychological therapies as well as physical medicine.

The beliefs at work are not just those of the patient, however, and the conclusions and thoughts of the people around them, including medical professionals are also known to influence how symptoms progress.

The common belief that ‘symptoms must have a definite physical cause’ is one of the strongest of such beliefs, and is often played on by drug companies aiming to market seemingly simple fixes for simple causes. The virtually evidence-free claim that depression is ’caused’ by low-serotonin in the brain, is one of the most notorious examples.

The fact that the array of symptoms attributed to Morgellons could be caused by a range of factors which could differ between individuals, such as media-inspired worry, other skin conditions, psychosis, and yes, even a new form of parasite (however unlikely), seems counter-intuitive to those holding the belief that ‘symptoms must have a definite physical cause’.

Until science finds otherwise, Morgellons seems to be an example of this process at work. Only believers seem to find conclusive evidence of it as a physical infestation. Of course, this makes it no less disturbing to those who suffer from it, but leaves medicine at a loss of how best to help those distressed by their self-reported condition.

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  1. I feel badly for those people. In 1998 I started having unexplained tiny itchy bumps that would fill with clear fluid. The dermatologist barely looked at them and put me through the very unpleasant treatment for scabies twice, even though I didn’t have the trademark z-shaped burrow. Wouldn’t even take a scraping first. I definitely didn’t have Morgellons – no fibers or anything like that – but I know what it’s like when the doc won’t listen to you.

  2. Vaughan, that’s an excellent and thoughful article on Morgellons, with some excellent links.
    I’ve been keeping a blog on Morgellons for a while now:
    I noticed you wrote about Dick’s “Scanner Darkly”, you may be interested that some people are suggesting that Morgellons was invented as a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming movie. Seems impossible to me, but I guess there could be some potential for piggy-backing here and there.

    1. No one in this world should have to go threw this ever! It has ruined so much of me. Without God by my side I would have died by now. 6 years of butting , crawling nasty things from my head to toe… Ya that includes my eyes, ears, nose, brains, mouth arms, ass legs ECT…. They are in my blood, my hair, I between my toes. I see them in my house , car, bla bla bla. I’m waisting my time here. . I have over 5000 photos , no one cares. Be careful if carma, this is real you better believe it

  3. Open letter to the media
    May 30, 2006
    I write this letter in response to a news broadcast seen recently on Channel 2 in Houston regarding Morgellans disease. I immediately thought….I do not want to get this!!
    Even though the most recognized diagnosis is delusional parisitosis, the reporting style and serious tone conveyed that this terrible afflication may not be delusional at all!! After all, the report featured experts in the field! A creepy cause for concern by everyone here in Texas!
    I immediately began researching the subject online, maybe you should have done more research before reporting and airing this story! To suggest that this is a legitimate mystery disease without a better understanding of the suffering subjects and hard facts is irresponsible and incompetent!
    What I discovered were incredulous and shocking stories from sufferers with corresponding “proof” on microscope slides and yes, even a video, of these nasty little “bugs” that infect them. I searched for clear pictures or video of these parasites actually on or in a persons skin, perhaps a full body shot, with these fibers protruding from their lesions, but have been unable to find any images to support their claims, even though they are supposedly visible to the naked eye in many instances. Anything magnified could look pretty ominous to someone bent on convincing themselves and others that they’re not crazy! Then there are the conspiracy theories – it’s in the cotton (if you don’t believe it look at a Q-tip real close) it’s from Mars, it’s some kind of government bio-chemical creation or maybe its a viral ad campaign for a movie!
    These poor people are most definitely suffering, but to lend credence to their delusions is incomprehensible! Unfortunately, these people are not capable of accepting any other diagnosis because they believe, with unshakable certainty, that they are infected with these things that live and mutate under their skin. Besides, there are others just like them from all walks of life, from all parts of the country with the same stories. Any attention this extreme paranoia receives only reinforces the belief. At the center of this belief is the Morgellons Research Foundation. I find nothing on the CDC page even though it has been reported that they are considering investigating the claims. More reinforcement……….
    Read the message boards and forums. You will find many of these “Morgies” on several different sites, expounding on their personal “bug” stories, commiserating with each other in despair and desperation, frustrated that so many doctors dismiss them, feeding upon each other, reinforcing each others twisted perceptions, exchanging advice on how to clean and mutilate themselves. The experts from Morgellon are also posting and probably anonymously as well. There are many sites selling expensive treatments to heal and relieve the pain and itching caused by these parasitic invaders. These folks are also posting! Is money the root of this evil? Morgellons Foundation needs donations!!!
    Who bears the burden of responsibility for perpetuating and feeding the appetite of the mentally disturbed? Shouldn’t the media be more concientious and subjective in reporting on issues that could conceivably do more harm than good? This report was fuel for the fire and in my opinion, recruitment for many more mentally sick people to join this “cult” experience.
    If this sensational report was designed to get my attention, it certainly did! If the goal of this story was to increase ratings, or God forbid, generate support for the Morgellons cause, I find it despicable and sadly lacking compassion and journalistic integrity.
    Shame on you………..

    1. All I can say to you, is God help you or anyone you love , if you get Morgellan’s and God give you the strength to live with it

  4. most simply cannot fathom the ramifications of such a disclosure. The infectious agent causing this is caused by a stray target (nondisclosed) created by experimental research done under a C3 permit by a proteomics research center. In other words it is a man made creation which has escaped containment. This target was created for research into artificial skin, wound dressing as well as cancer research tools. This is a military issue of high caliber, enough so to be defended by many parties, hence all the conflicting reports and otherwise lack of any credible information. The microscopic images shown in the video found at (follow the links) is completely out of my area of expertise, I am not a microbiologist. However the Macroscopic images shown and this agents interaction with host are EXACTLY the same thing I am able to show on my own body to anyone that will listen and would like to look. For photos of the fibers, follow these links.

    for the picts showing the dissemination in skin follow these links.

    Pictures of typical lesions series of slides.
    Picture of the synthetic polymer showing random recombination. series of slides.

    and finally the most common thing reported and seen by those suffering from this is the fibers seen outside the body. One can put fresh sparkling clean sheets on their bed, shower and scrub fanatically, go from shower to bed, then wake up to find these structures in bed with them. I am not kidding when I say these were not in the bed when you got in it.
    The video compiled by a scientist in Europe can be viewed by following the links at If you are a scientist or research professional, please share your comments concerning what you are seeing in this, as I have said, only the macroscopic images mean anything to me and would love some qualified remarks concerning the microscopic images.
    From what I understand the reasons for the lack of acknowledgement from the medical community is a political as can be. Once the uninfected general public becomes aware of the release of this thing into public space, reactions may become unpredictable. Also, the economic problems which will be sure to follow. Everything these days is genomic/ proteomic research related—from the paint on the door to the food on your plate. In fact, several hundred billion a year in the US alone. Also it appears that even though this seems to be a accidental release, this accident is being “nurtured” by big pharm with obvious goal of the need for lifelong suppressive therapy.
    The video’s creators have also stated that this element is differentiating. Meaning it is the cause of several seemingly unrelated diseases. If a single pathogen is worth a billion dollars to the medical industry then this pathogen is worth 10’s of billions. This bug is a money maker and we are all at the mercy of the medical industry. The key word to concentrate on here is INDUSTRY. All industry is profit orientated and this should scare the bejeebbers out of you. Hence the lack of motivation to fund research into this disorder. It will without doubt prove that these industries focus primarily on the effects of disease and not the cause of them. To cure is not profitable, but to treat over and over again is. Look at the treatments HIV patients must take for life in order to stay alive.
    A pathogen represents billions and to take a cause of disease away is a disaster for many.
    More to follow, my damn fingers hurt and I stink at typing.

  5. I am writing for my very ill girlfriend, Laurie. She doesn’t have a computer, but has had these horrible symptoms for almost a year or more. I am afraid for her life, as she is slipping away, physically and mentally due to this strange disease, which mutates into different symptoms, but all within the same range as margollens disease. Is there any cases here in Miami Florida, anyone else here suffering or some kind of support group, a doctor or nurse in the vacinity to help her, I’m so worried she will die. Sincerely Tracie

  6. I am writing for my very ill girlfriend, Laurie. She doesn’t have a computer, but has had these horrible symptoms for almost a year or more. I am afraid for her life, as she is slipping away, physically and mentally due to this strange disease, which mutates into different symptoms, but all within the same range as margollens disease. Is there any cases here in Miami Florida, anyone else here suffering or some kind of support group, a doctor or nurse in the vacinity to help her, I’m so worried she will die. Sincerely Tracie

  7. If you are interested, National Geographic Magazine,Dec ’98 issue has an article with photos.Not alot of concrete info, but does connect to 17th cebtury, Perhaps, if we all hit the site enough we can get there interest. I don’t know if I have Morgellons or not. I do have an interesting collection of critters: Staph bacteria, pneumonia bacteria, fungus microsporum gypseum and the most recent ID of a larva that i think is a Bot Fly. If you are looking for a good source of the fibers brush yur hair and look at the brush under 5X magnification……LUCK TO US ALL!!!

  8. I definitely will tell you I have no history of mental disorder or psycotic, brain whatever, disfunction. I will also tell you that this is real not some trumped epidemic to the attention of the public! I will tell you that my body has basically taught me how to deal with this thing and also how to keep it in control. I used to get scared and I actually did go and see a dermatoligist he diagnosed me as having acne vulgaris and put me on retin a micro. Actually it did help temporarily but now it’s back!
    Here are some of the symptoms I have. Neck, head, face and chin bumps under the skin which you can feel by actually pushing in with two fingers it feels like an ingrown hair which are long strings that have like pieces of black dirt or something also I have had fibers come out as well that you can only see with a microscope. Sometimes it feels like you hit a nerve if you pull or twist at them. I am currently researching this. As for the news report in Houston my mom called and told me about it.
    We could use some help!

  9. I have some family members that have Morgellons, some for 10 years. This is a horrific disease that destroys lives. How? Well doctors will not help in any meaningful way, saying the victim is delusional while making them wait outside the doctor‚Äôs office for a delusional examination. Families do not wish to be exposed in case this is contagious, employers don’t want you because you not only have hideous lesions, but you have severe ‘brain fog’ and chronic fatigue, you itch all the time, seldom sleep well and have poured your pockets into ANYTHING that might help you in the form of products.
    Everyone has turned their backs on you and you are alone. I have seen people loose their cars and homes and jobs over Morgellons.
    But the worst, absolutely the worst, is when a small child has Morgellons and does not have the ability yet to understand what is happening to him/her. In many cases, the mother has Morgellons and so does not wish to touch their child and the husband does not want to touch the wife and on and on and on.
    Now, can you imagine, hundreds of thousands of people have the identical ‘delusion’, without knowing of each other and having the same organic material coming out of their bodies, and having the same symptoms and all have severe biting and scratching feelings and all being treated the same by the medical community? You will need a Cray super-computer to calculate the odds of that happening.
    The suffering goes on. Many people are under the misconception that this disease is a skin disease; it is not. This horrific disease is deep within the host’s body. Applying topical treatments might soften the biting and scratching sensations, but in no way will this treat the root cause; parasitic infection. So, how do I know this is parasitic? Well, I have seen them pouring out of peoples eyes, their noses, their mouth, under their fingernails and in their urine and stool. I have pictures, lots of pictures.
    Morgellons sufferers go to the only place they can get empathy and comfort: the Internet. This is where they form communities of support groups. Desperate for ANYTHING that can help them, they share their experiences with one another and they share what products they tried and which one helped and which one didn’t. At least they have that.
    The CDC, in June of this year announced that they will form a task force to evaluate the so-called Morgellons Syndrome, called a syndrome because it is not yet classified as a disease. With the exception of small pockets of volunteer scientists, there is no real concerted effort to discover what this Morgellons disease is, how it is transmitted, what effects it has on the human body and how long the incubation period before a victim becomes symptomatic. The CDC just now announced that there have been some delays and that their task force will assemble “sometime early next year” in Los Angeles in a VA hospital. For the government, this is a routine investigation, for the Morgellons sufferers, it is yet another delay to getting to the bottom of this disease.
    There is hope. I have seen two promising products that literally drive the parasites out of the victim’s body and after several months, some people have declared themselves ‘symptom-free’. A woman is not going out into public with hideous lesions on her arms and face. With the use of these substances, all the lesions are healed, the biting and scratching are gone along with the fatigue and brain fog and the most surprising statement is “I finally have my life back.” It is unclear if this is a cure, but just to be able to go out into public and function normally is a true blessing. Are these people contagious? Who knows?
    Folks, this disease is real and it is spreading globally. There are hot-spots in the USA; Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of Florida and many cities in Texas. We are also hearing about vast numbers of people in Europe, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia who have Morgellons and the numbers are growing. In this day and age of jet travel, it is very easy to see how this or any other disease can spread rapidly.
    And so I say to those people who have Morgellons Disease, please hang in there. Do not pick at the lesions, you will only make it worse and leave scars. Clean, clean, clean everything. Lower your carbohydrate intake, the bugs seem to like them and by all means, boost your immune system any way you can so that you can help your body to heal itself. There is hope.

  10. I have been suffering too with this, although no one told me I had Morgellons’ for several years. Six months ago I was diagnosed with Hepatitus C,and Morgellon and I went through treatment for the Hep C. Within two weeks all my sores were gone. Once I stopped the Hep.C treatment, within two weeks later the sores are starting to return. I would love to know what other cures there are!

  11. This is for ‘helpthemorgies’ whose ignorance is staggering. View the organism and it’s interaction with the host here: http://WWW.SILENTSUPERBUG.COM
    This organism which causes what Americans call Morgellon’s Disease has been known and researched in the Netherlands since at least 2001. It is currently recognized by the European CDC. It is here, it is real, it is contagious and it is man-made. Check for yourself doubters. Be warned. Perhaps denial is the mental disorder here.
    Here is an excerpt that may help those suffering…
    “CDC sends Morgellons investigators to California
    Oct 1, 2006
    By: Bill Gillette
    Dermatology Times
    Atlanta — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is sending a
    team of investigators into California as a beginning step in its recently
    announced decision to investigate Morgellons disease, a mysterious condition
    heretofore diagnosed by most physicians as a psychotic disorder.
    CDC spokesman Dan Rutz, M.P.H., tells Dermatology Times that at least three
    investigators (to include an epidemiologist and mental-health and
    infectious-disease specialists) — and more likely four, including a
    dermatologist — were to arrive at the end of September and set up shop in
    the Los Angeles area. According to the Morgellons Research Foundation,
    Southern California — along with the San Francisco Bay region and parts of
    Texas and Florida ‚Äî is one of the “cluster areas” in which the disease has
    been frequently reported.
    In addition, the CDC has implemented a Morgellons information and voicemail
    line at (404) 718-1199, which people who believe they may have the disease
    can call for help…” (end of excerpt)
    If you are infected keep hammering the CDC and be sure to shake hands with everyone you meet. A cure will not be found until the rich and powerful are affected or a cure becomes profitable. Sleep well ‘helpthemorgies’. (=

  12. I just read the article in People Magazine regarding Morgellon’s syndrome/disease–Well I was floored. I could be the poster child for this, but I am 47. I can cetainly relate to all that has been said. My comments are that it does fell like bugs crawling on your skin. Whether they are there or not, they are not seen by my eyes. I am itchy alot of the times. I have sores that seem to come from no where. I have terrible scarring. I have bumps that seem to just appear above the surface of my skin and they are fiberous/calous. I also have small sores just filled with ?water. All my symptoms are on my torso and arms. My arms are very embarassing to me now they are so bad. Sometimes the sores are really bad and big. This didn’t start until my twenties. I went thru a bad marriage and divorce so I assume stress may play a rol. I also am a wicked carbohydrate eater. So since I have read the article I am going to keep up on the news regarding Morgellon’s.

  13. I am a happily married middle class mom of four children. I own a small business and have a very nice life with no more troubles than anyone else. But,I have Morgellans Disease. My physician is baffled and I do not push treatment through her because I am afraid she will think I am nuts. Anyway, now that I have pleaded my case for sanity, I have a theory to share. I think Morgellans is foot and tonail fungus that has affected the skin in other parts of the body. I think the fungus distorts and changes the color of body hair and skin just as it distorts nails. The only thing that helps my skin is tolnaftate cream which I buy otc. The first time I put it on the buggy, itching sensation subsided for the first time in 2 years but the cream does not completly prevent the scaly, ugly skin and weird hairs. Anyone think this could be what is going on?

    1. OMG
      For the first time ever I have had problems with my feet.
      My skin seems to crack and thicken over night no matter what I do and I’m in the skin care industry.
      Maybe there is a link with foot fungas.
      I’m going to Fiji tomorrow and am dreading getting into my bikini as these sharp stabbing pains that turn instantly into sores are now down my arms stomach and legs.
      Check out what putting a clay face mask does to hairy oxygen loving monsters, it’s frightning.

  14. Okay…I’m a blog virgin. I have never posted a comment until today. I felt that this, by far, is the most interesting conversation regarding Morgellons. My Husband and I are Registered Nurses in the State of California. We own a corporation with 70 nurses. We staff hospitals up and down our Central Valley. Our great team is responsible for 400,000 nursing hours. With the current nursing shortage, we know our community is receiving quality healthcare. My Hubby & I are highly respected in our profession, as well as in our community. That being said, He and I have Morgellons. For the last 11 months we have been through the “they must be crazy” routine. We’re not. We learned quickly what we were up against (skeptical docs& raised eyebrows from family and friends). I can’t say we wouldn’t question the sanity of a patient presenting with this disorder, had we not personally contracted it. We approach this from the objective side only. We report to our physicians only factual, measurable, observable signs of this disorder. We don’t give our theories, and we don’t speculate on the root cause. We have found that we are treated more respectfully when we leave out the subjective info. Don’t look to us for any conspiracy theories! If all Morgellons patients stood back and looked at how this really appears to others, they would understand that it does sound a little crazy. Our son and his wife told us to buy a good digital camera. With their guidance, we invested in a 10.3 mega pixel camera. None of our pictures are blurry, fuzzy, or obscure. I think one of the most objective photo we have is the one in which our computer gel mouse pad is infested. Clear, colorless, polymer-like fibers are HALFWAY across the gel wrist rest.(2 inches in). There are four separate fibers. Along 2 of the fibers are evenly spaced bubbles containing dark larve-like objects. We took it into our medical group. Talk about “show and tell!”. If you guys are interested, I can post the picture. After you look at it you can tell several things; 1. No one could get 4 hair width fibers half way across a liquid gel pad. 2. There are no photo tricks.(I know how to point the camera and push the button.) My son even has to tudor me on how to post a picture on the computer. Let me know what you think of my letter and if you’re interested in our pictures. Until next chat; Be kind California RN

  15. CaliforniaRN, I am interested in seeing those pictures. Thank you.
    Ladyleolioon, It is true! My body is also teaching me how to deal with the symptoms. I just need to be attentive and develop awareness.
    Vaugham, It touches my heart that children in Portugal are showing symptoms. I am a teacher myself. In some days I will be in contact with many teenagers. My doctor, who happen to be also those teenagers’ doctor, is ignoring my condition (which I believe it is morgellons) and is convinced there is nothing to worry about. So far, I have consulted seven doctors and naturopaths. Neither of them cared after they heared the word morgellons. My health is worsening and I have no received any help from the health system I am monthly paying for. This certainly has surprised me and has opened my eyes.

  16. Hi, my name is stephanie smith and i live in clermont florida and i have been dealing with this rash for a year now and just from reading several of these interesting stories about this morgellon and i think that i have this disease because i always feel as though something is crawling on me, i itch alot i cannot sleep at night so could someone please help me because all the doctors that i see cannot figure out what is going on with me and my skin.

  17. Hello, I have this condition…or something similar…. I have found a product that may be helpful to others… Its called ecovie out of canada. there are also treatment steps that are posted….do a search for morgellon treatment steps…Im sure you will find it…I heard that kaiser perm. and the cdc are starting some research, to the tune og 339,000,00 It should be interesting. Peace
    s dove

  18. for those who dont believe us CRAZY lesion scarred people ………….i will gladly swap places and see what ur smart ass comment is then…………And for the so called medical professionals ..get off ur over paid ass and step out of that selective listening square u sit in and listen to the people paying u for help ////or should I say bmw’s and over sea’s holidays…and open ur snooty eyes , I have this thing and I believe that there has to be an answer that is not “morgellans”…come on what is really causing this..and when i or we find out i will personally bring u down …ESPECIALLY that so called dr that said it was in my head and only I could see it all !!!!!!!!!!!!! FUK YOU AND WATCH UR MEDICAL DEGREES U FUKD UP CUNTS <<<< U WILL PAY FOR IGNORRING USS <<<<<<<<<MARK THOSE WORDS ASS WIPES~!

  19. i have had this conditon for over two years. it hurts very much.the hard part is your on family trys to tell you its in your mind,that i must be picking at my i am not as bad of most of the people who have told their whole life has changed.i hardly go any where.i don’t make to many plans because i don’t know how i will wake that morning. i really like a support group to get into. i am in the first group at kaiser.i hope something good comes from it for all of us that suffer so much.i not sure if this will post or not. god bless all of us. goodby for now sweetsi

  20. One mid autumn / fall day down here in Sydney, as the north is well into spring, I journeyed three hours by flight from Sydney to Christchurch, New Zealand…about 42 degrees south of the equator and not far from the international date line. It was cold when I got there with new snow….great for a keen snow skier. Yes, we have such in Australia, though limited, so many of us travel far north to sample snows in January, when our homes sweat in high temps and humidity.
    Anyway….I landed in Christchurch, a city of around 300000 people and stayed two nights in backpackers int he city centre with my partner. We had gone there to live, she is a kiwi…but now my ex. Then, we drove to the top of the south island of New Zealand to a town called Nelson. Over the hill to the west we went where at the top, outcrops of solid marble rock litter the landscape, to a place called Takika. Now that is a Maori name – the original inhabitants of New Zealand, said Tar – ki – ka. Up to and including this day I had always had great skin and still mostly do, fortunate in some aspects in my fortieth year.
    Well after a night at a locals place, it was on to our pre-arranged acocmodation for the next two weeks. A night by the fire in a valley on a dairy cow farm surrounded by peaks up to 7000 feet – we were near sea level, so it was spectacular!
    Next morning, I awoke to a stange sensation in my face at the corner of my mouth. I have never had cold sore, but my registered nurse partner thought this may be the case. I described a strange twitching sensation and red soreness. This continued to get worse even though we tried pharmaceutical cold sore medications.
    So over the next few months, this condition increased, though not extensively, emerging as large pimple type manifestations. Then….and I wish the romance at the start of this story was to continue, the lesions appeared where over the course of the next two years, I battled them.
    During the entire course of this, I have never had any thoughts that could be aligned with the ones descibed on various web site for this condition. I have entirely reacted to what has emerged on my face. One time, my ex removed what we called a core that would have been approx 0.4 of an inch…just under half. This, I could push down almost into my eye socket and measured maybe 3mm in diameter. Also…it crackled when extracted as it was quite hard and seemed like a plastic material.
    In more recent times, the condition, though not as frequent, emerged as more servere and complex lesions. One in particular emerged on my face above my left eye in August 2004. It is still there.
    As a note also, I have compared photos of lesions on a number of web sites, and have confirmed identical on myself. One at on a hand, shows this.
    The present lesion contains hard core like samples extruding from the skin in a raised area the size of a quarter / 25cents US, 10c AUS. At one time in August 2005, after massaging the area with a moisturising mixture containing cocoa butter, a sample emerged that can be best described as a one inch long piece of spaghetti. How one inch of matter was contained immediately over my eye, astounded me.
    I find extraction as best through massaging from an underneath approach and push it out. The intitial outbreak was quite painful and reactive with redness and weeping with ver rapid formation of the core like samples in a defined area. this has happened ot me on about a dozen occasions.
    Various antibiotic topical medications, and in capsule form for ingestion, failed to curb any outbreak. After some years of fighting, I finally gained reprieve with MediHoney…a topical and acidic ointment that smells and looks like dark honey.
    My lesion at present contains the very samples as described on the web, crystal like in laces, yet flexible plastic like in others.Quite small and hard ones, narrow in girth, can pull the skin substantially when trying to remove, often not coming out, or the tweezers grip on them fails. they are very hard to extract and some crumble and other stretch.
    At the base, as with all, is very dark matter which is also hard and difficult to extract. This appears to be clusters of almost black barbs or tiny sticks which are surrounded by much larger white ones. They can all be presently manipulated with a finger nail, similar or feeling like large solid elongated lumps.
    Once again, I have never psyched out about this, but the lesion and symptoms match those described. The only psyche out is the appearance of it on your face as people’s eyes inevitably move to something strange in appearance.

  21. Hello,
    I am an international design engineer. On a recent trip to India I had these symptoms that you all are describing.
    I woke up one night with this fire burning under my skin and I thought that I had picked up some fire bugs or something during the day and they were having a feast at my expense. When I jumped out of bed to see what was crawling all over me there was nothing there. I stripped the bed looking for the little villains but there was, again, nothing. The burning was intense and I could not believe that there was nothing visible to explain it.
    I don’t take drugs (I am a heavy smoker and I drink) I do not have prescriptions. I DO take glucosamine and garlic pills on a daily basis. For the few days before this incident I had neglected to take the glucosamine and garlic pills. I grabbed some garlic pills and crushed them up into a glass of water. I drank it and within 30 minutes the burning went away. I was able to go back to bed and did not have another occurrence.
    I had no idea what it was so I looked up the symptoms on the internet. I found Morgellons. I had immediately written the Morgellons site and described as I am doing here but did not see and responses. So I am writing to the blog. I know this is a very painful experience and can’t imagine going through that on a daily basis. So if you would like to try this it may help. Even a single day of relief is worth it.
    I just go to Costco and get “Move Free” the glucosamine and “GarlicMax” for the garlic. I take two of each every morning. I don’t think the brand matters but GarlicMax has no odor and are coated.
    These are over the counter and are good for you anyway so there is no harm and may have great benefits. I hope this helps someone.

  22. A Challenge to Celebrities Who Quietly Suffer From Morgellons Disease
    I have a challenge to Celebrities around the world that are silently and privately suffering from Morgellons Disease; when your symptoms have been reduced or eliminated, who among you will become the “Spokesperson for Morgellons?”
    Morgellons disease is just as real as HIV was 30 years ago. The only difference is 30 years of research and study by the medical community that has gone in HIV. This will only occur when Morgellons hits a certain ‘plateau’ of patients and research attention.
    What is truly needed now is a celebrity who has Morgellons and is willing to tell the world about this horrific disease. This will only work if the celebrity has Morgellons and has eliminated their symptoms to the point where they can really function in this capacity.
    Let’s tell the truth here; 99.99% of the medical profession has never even heard the word ‘Morgellons’ yet alone has been willing to open their minds to the possibility that it might even exist. Only those who have experienced Morgellons can truly ‘know’ what this is unless they are living with some one who suffers every waking moment of their lives with this terrible disease on their minds. How could they not? The feeling of biting and scratching 24/7 will certainly draw anyone’s attention.
    The author of this post deals with Morgellons victims daily, hundreds each month as this pandemic explodes across our planet. He hears their cries of pain and suffering, the loneliness and isolation they experience and most horrific is the way the medical community is quick to diagnose Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) without the benefit of an exam or lab tests (to date all known lab test result in nothing being found).
    What the MD’s have forgotten is that in order to have DOP, the patient must be schizophrenic because DOP is a sub-set of schizophrenia BEFORE they can be diagnosed with DOP. If their patient is not schizophrenic, DOP is not possible.
    What is missing here is public awareness. To date 40 US Senators have written to the US CDC requesting an investigation. It took 6 years for the CDC to begin their investigation into this new disease. It has now been nearly a year and a half since the CDC began the investigation and their conclusions are expected in May of 2009. The question to the reader is: What sort of conclusion might you expect if you funded such an investigation if you only funded it to the tune of $338,000? You decide.
    There is a safe and effective way for Morgellons victims to reduce or eliminate their Morgellons symptoms; Nutrasilver. This natural mineral has proven in thousands of cases to eliminate most, if not all cognitive and lesion symptoms within a few short weeks. Although not a cure, Nutrasilver has an amazing ability to push this disease out of the body from the inside rather than treating with lotions and potions. This can be very frightening, but the good news is that it is coming out of the body.
    I am aware of several Celebrities who have become “symptom-free” from Morgellons disease using Nutrasilver and I challenge them to step forward and become the “Poster-child” of this grass-roots movement of Morgellons suffers. There are obvious personal benefits to doing this, but the most important thing a Celebrity can do for the Morgellons movement is to step up and make the world aware of this life-stealing disease and let Morgellons victims know they can get their lives back using Nutrasilver.
    To see proof of how Nutrasilver affects Morgellons victims, please click here: Caution; this site is NOT for the faint-of-heart.

  23. Morgellons Economics; Who Wins and Who Looses?
    I have spoken to well over 1,000 Morgellons sufferers in the past 3 years during my direct involvement with Morgellons Disease. Most are ordinary people from every walk of life while some are medical professionals themselves infected with this disease or care for those who suffer.
    Morgellons Disease is characterized by these symptoms: non-healing lesions, ‘brain fog’, depression often leading to suicide, multi-colored fibers growing from their skin and most disconcerting, the relentless sensation of being bitten on and under their skin. The Morgellons Research Foundation, located on the campus of Oklahoma State University, states that there are approximately 93 typical symptoms and each individual with Morgellons has some but not all of these symptoms.
    Most Morgellons victims tell the same story; they are diagnosed with Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) and labeled permanently in their medical record as having ‘Mental Health Issues”. Most doctors will not even look at the lesions and tell their patients to “stop scratching yourself.” Those who are prescribed medication through misdiagnosis spend a great deal on medications that effectively do nothing for them. Many follow the message boards on the Internet and desperately chase lotions, potions, chemical and herbal remedies only to experience no improvement. Those who suffer the longest often tell me of how the medical profession takes their money and all they get is worse.
    Many Morgellons victims tell the story of how they have lost their jobs, homes, savings, and family and just about everything else trying to get relief. They feel alone and isolated and often ‘cocoon’ in their homes. I hear this far too often. Some call me crying out of desperation and loneliness; it breaks my heart.
    Most medical practitioners seem to be into Morgellons treatment just for the money. There is a PhD in Los Angeles who knows of an effective treatment but does not use it because she does not make any money on it. There is a Nurse-Practioner from Texas whose medical license was suspended by the Texas Medical Board for prescribing antibiotics too frequently who now commutes to San Francisco under a California license to treat Morgellons patients. She continues to administer antibiotics to Morgellons patients with no results. She charges $500 for the initial visit. All the Morgellons patients received for their hard-earned money is they get worse.
    Imagine, over 40 US Senators and Congresspersons have written to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requesting them to conduct an investigation into Morgellons. It only took six years for them to begin their investigation in Oakland, California at Kaiser-Permanente Hospital with funding of a mere $338,000. That amount of money is barely enough money to begin an investigation yet alone complete one. Their investigative conclusions are due in May, 2009.
    As this infection continues to spread globally, little scientific attention is being paid to those who have Morgellons and suffer with no hope and no help from the established medical and scientific communities. Apparently, there are not enough people who suffer Morgellons for scientific research to make research financially beneficial to fund the research. Today, only a very small handful of individuals and small organizations have attempted to discover the cause(s) and methods of disease contraction and transmittal of this mysterious disease. When I ask a half dozen scientists what Morgellons is, I get 6 different answers suggesting that no one really knows very much about this horrific disease.
    Although every major US television network has reported on Morgellons, 99% of the medical profession and the general public have not heard of Morgellons.
    This is exactly what happened 30 years ago when patients presented with symptoms also classified as ‘Delusional’ but is now well-known as AIDS/HIV. Those early victims endured the same neglect and abuse as Morgellons victims do today; denial, labels of being delusional and general neglect. Until enough people were infected, they were ignored by the mainstream medical community.
    So what do Morgellons sufferers do to eliminate their suffering? They commit suicide as one of my friends did yesterday. We all have a responsibility to take care of each other. Until enough people suffer from Morgellons, it will remain “unprofitable” to conduct real scientific research into this horrible pandemic disease. Clearly, the Winners are the suppliers of medical goods and services and the Losers are the Morgellons sufferers.

    1. You write:

      There is a PhD in Los Angeles who knows of an effective treatment but does not use it because she does not make any money on it.

      What is the effective treatment ?
      What is her name?

  24. Morgellons Attacks Teenagers Too;
    Danny Shares His Story of How He Got His Life Back
    Dear fellow Morgellons victims,
    I’m writing on behalf of all the young people and the elderly with Morgellons who have been shunned, criticized, and outcasted by society thinking we suffers of this horrible disease are crazy. I personally knew absolutely nothing about this disease until I came home from school one day of September 2007 and noticed granule-like crystals on my hands. I also noticed clear fibers that appeared to be coming out of my hands as well. I went to the computer and typed in “black crystals on hands?” or something to that extent. I stumbled upon a few websites that had details of Morgellons symptoms and the blue, black, clear, and red fibers with granules coming out of hands, body, and or hair. I didn’t automatically assume I have this disease after a couple months of thorough personal research I had whatever this bizarre disease was. Every single symptom I had matched everything I read. I had everything from the physical identification of Morgellons right down to all the mental and cognitive disorders of Morgellons; brain fog, I slept constantly, depression, insomnia at night (slept all through the days), lost a lot of weight, everything aliment you could imagine I had. But by far the worst symptoms was the anxiety that would come out of nowhere, it literally felt like I was even in my body at times.
    It began to slowly but surely rule my life. I noticed the fibers everywhere in my home, friend‚Äôs homes, family member‚Äôs homes, these fibers were everywhere but I was one of the only that had symptoms to this extent. My friends and family had the fibers on there body and hair as well. My friends were the only ones who believed me about the fibers and knew I was sick. I tried to express to my mother and stepfather what was going on but surely my mother thought I was loosing my mind which I can completely understand because of how bizarre this disease sounds to the layman. Finally after convincing my mom I had this disease I stumbled upon a website called “NutraSilver”. My mother personally thought I was crazy but my stepfather said “whether its in his head or not we can see if this helps”
    So my stepdad bought a bottle of NutraSilver and it came with another for free. The first night I tried the NutraSilver I had to lie down in bed with my mother I trembled so bad. When I woke up the next morning I felt slightly better. I started to use the NutraSilver a couple times a day and just put some drops in my daily routine of drinking water. Everyday progressively got better, I started to forget completely about Morgellons and live my life. It ruled my life, I am an 18 year old male (at the time I was 17). I also stumbled across an amazing doctor and friend named Dr. Susan Kolb. I found her website when I was researching about Morgellons and even though I lived many states away and was very embarrassed I deciding to just call her and tell her what was going on. She talked to my parents, talked to my family and tried to express to them that this is a real disease. Still after all of that they still did not believe. She gave me great tips to get slowly but surely better as well. I slowly started being able to go to school more and focus more on my life. Everyday with NutraSilver and Dr. Kolb’s advice made everyday easier to get through. As last summer came along (2008), I was very confident I was Morgellons-free. I completely forgot about the disease and was able to live my life.
    I moved into a new home, had a new life ahead of me and I felt like my life was finally back, unfortunately I ran out of NutraSilver around September of 2008 and was unable to purchase it again with the lack of my finances. I stopped using it all together. Around November or December my symptoms started coming back fully. I had brain fog again, depression, anxiety, fatigue; the fibers were coming out of my skin again. I was once again infected. They were around my new home and in my hair and body once again. I talked to Doctor Kolb at least once a month to keep her updated. With her help I personally discovered some things that helped in the mean time until I could get another credit card to purchase NutraSilver once more. My symptoms got so bad living at my new home I finally ended up moving back into my mother’s house where I first discovered I had Morgellons. I still felt horrible, I discovered something called Trilogy Cardio Essentials in my fridge that mom used to lower her blood pressure and things of that nature. It was recommended by someone who also used silver on a daily basis that ran a herbal store down the street from me. So I took a couple swigs every day unknowing the effect it would have on me. The next day I glanced at my hands after I was out of the shower. I noticed the fibers purging out like I had seen with NutraSilver; it was very scary.
    I am still drinking it and it helps just as NutraSilver has. I have used many things to help with this horrific disease but I can honestly say NutraSilver, Dr. Bronners, and Trilogy Cardio Essentials has helped the most by far.
    I’m sick of people ignoring this disease; even doctors are ignoring it. I know there are so many people that are struggling with this disease everyday, and I truly desire for them to live their life and again and take back what’s rightfully theirs.
    My life is finally coming into view again, and I literally owe my life to a man named Russell at NutraSilver and a wonder Doctor by the name of Susan Kolb. I have never met a person so dedicated to seeing their patients or customers get better than Dr. Kolb
    Without their help, guidance, and advice I’m not too sure how long I could have held out with all the depression and anxiety.
    My final advice to any man, women or child with Morgellons is get NutraSilver, have a positive mind-set and lives your life again; I don’t want anyone to go through what I have been through with anxiety and depression.
    Daniel W.
    I will list my personal protocol for Morgellons;
    Dr. Bronners Lemon Castile Soap ( you can use it for toothpaste, hair, body, lotion anything you can think of even laundry)
    Acai berry
    Borax laundry detergent.
    Air Filter
    Trilogy Cardio Essentials.

  25. I have read that the old 1960s singer named Joni Mitchell says that she has Morgellons. Someone posted that a celebrity sufferer is needed. Joni Mitchell was really famous in the 60s and 70s.

    Personally, I am skeptical, but I have no right to judge. As a medical professional, I must say that my experience is that self-diagnosed Morgellions have exhibited s/s of delusional parasitosis, right down to the “matchbox sign” of bringing in little collections of fuzz and extracted blackheads. To me, the “lesions” look self inflicted, but I’m no expert. The “granules” have been identified as “blackheads”.

    The Morgellons continously talk about bugs coming from their skin, but no one else can see the bugs. THAT is delusional parasitosis. It’s a nasty little cult-ish trend that will pass when they stop getting attention from it. The best thing to do is ignore these people. They’ll eventually move on to other things- like fibromyalgia or CFS.

    Somatisation in mental illness is nothing new.

    Joining up on the internet and feeding each others delusions and sick need for attention- that is new to an extent.

    Really, ignore them. Do NOT, under any circumstances, encourage the delusion.

    If millions of these folks have bugs living in their skin, how come NO ONE, other than self-diagnosed suffers, have ever SEEN any bugs?

    Crazy, crazy, crazy.

    1. Cornelia, you’re a fuggin’ idiot! You wouldn’t know your a$$ from a hole in the ground. I sure as hell hope you’re not a licensed medical professional. If so, the board that certified you needs to be permanently dismantled. They obviously have no idea what they’re doing either. How could they ever certify, in good faith, an idvidual with such a low IQ? It doesn’t make any sense. And, yes, an argumentum ad hominem is a legitimate aregument when the shoe fits. The symptoms “Morgellon” sufferes are experiencing are very real. I wish they weren’t, but they are. They ARE NOT, I repeat, ARE NOT psychosomatic. One thing’s for sure though, you really need to get your facts straight before you go running off at the mouth. It makes you sound like an fuggin’ idiot when you say stupid sh!t and you have no idea what you’re talking about. What is interesting though, is how medical “professionals” only visually inspect patients’ presented symptoms for a mere matter of seconds, and make inaccurate assessments, resulting in bogus diagnoses, all without running even single test. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see microscopic organisms with the naked eys; hence, the term “microscopic”, nor do I pretend to be able to; unlike some people I know. What’s more, it’s bullsh!t how doctors mislabel completely rational patients as being delusionsional; thereby, creating a paradigm for the patient in that they will never receive accurate medical treatment ever again. Or, to put things another way, open your eyes dumbass. If you keep walking around that way you’re going to eventually end up walking out in front of a moving bus.

      1. I am not Cornelia. But after reading her and your posts, I realized that you misunderstand the term “psychosomatic”.

        Psychosomatic does not mean the illness isn’t real. Asthma, for instance is a psychosomatic illness. It simply means that mind INTERACTS with body, and latter triggers the symptoms. Example: an asthma episode is brought on by stress.

        The proper psychological term for diseases that ORIGINATE and remain in one’s mind only is SOMATOFORM not psychosomatic. For example: Glove Anesthesia is a somatoform condition which CANNOT have a physical cause due to anatomic peculiarities of human body. Interestingly enough there are documented cases of blindness which are somatoform in origin (!)

        I have been following the Morgellons subject closely, and my take on things is that not everyone who believes they have Morgellons necessarily suffer from some new mysterious condition. It is very likely that majority has very real neurological and skin conditions which are nonetheless well-known in the medical literature and treatable, such as parasitic infections, nerve demyelination, etc.

        A far smaller population of those who believe they have M., in my opinion may have a disorder that is actually new to science.

        There are 2 HUGE problems:

        1. USA has no Equal Access to Medical Care, forcing patients to fend for themselves and turn to various quacks who peddle supposed “cures” many of which are untested or harmful and may exacerbate their condition. A well known fact in psychology- that when one tries to self-diagnose one’s condition, one tends to pick the worst and the most hopeless. This is why even medical doctors never attempt to self-diagnose, seeing their peers for help instead.

        2. The media handled the issue disastrously, which in turn predisposed many MDs to become dismissive of the condition(s). The end result was that now, even if majority of people suffer from diagnosable and treatable conditions, they are dismissed in favor of DP/DOP out of hand. Although the behavior is unworthy of a scientist, most MDs are not researchers. Their reaction is very human and stems from their fear of losing their status in medical community and perhaps their job.

        Althouh no immediate solutions exist to problem # 1, #2 can be somewhat remedied. A good tactic is not to alarm your physician with a classical matchbox sign. Best approach would be to make no mention of fibers or parasites when seeing your MD. Complaints should only be made about pruritis and neurological symptoms – i.e. sluggishness, mental fog, lethargia, aching joints. Let your MD examine wounds and suggest the necessary tests. Most GPs will refer you to a dermatologist, if not you may want to insist on it. There is a much better chance to be thoroughly examined and tested if one doesn’t make any explicit or implicit references to, fibers, parasites, or (God forbid :-)-Morgellons.
        If the MD will believe that the initiative in discovering your condition is his/her own, they will take the matter seriously which may either help find a proper treatment or gain more members of medical community on your side.

        I don’t have Morgellons (hopefully anyway:-), but I know how it feels for those who are affected with these symptoms. I have a medical condition, which although known and somewhat treatable took a long time to diagnose properly and I had to put up with suffering, outright incompetence and even holier than thou attitude on part of my colleagues who really should have known better 😦

  26. Has anyone seen the movie “Bug” with Ashley Judd? It is a little extreme but sort of reminds me of what I am reading here.

    Feelings and thoughts have power. Stress can create “bad chemicals” in your physical body. I had a severe episode of bug-like crawling itchiness after an emotionally traumatic breakup with a past boyfriend. I swore it was scabies or something similiar. Doctor suggested an allergy to something – soap or such. Allergic to my emotions? Just a thought. It did go away with time. “Comfortable in your own skin” is a phrase used to describe someone who is at peace with themselves. How many people can truly say that they are not disturbed by Life. Generalized anxiety is normal in my opinion. There is so much to deal with!

    Hope we all can find solutions and answers to what ails us. Wishing everyone out there better health in the future.

  27. What about all the people who have this who do not have a lesions, no rash, just bugs hatching on them all the time? IN other words, if the illness is made up by people because they damage their skin, pick at it and give themselves sores, what about all of us who don’t have any sores, who have skin parasites hatching on them 24/7 and no cuts, lesions? We clearly are not harming ourselves. I went to an eye doctor because my eyes got infected from taking Cat’s Claw, too much of it, Cat’s Claw sets off your immune system, so I started getting an auto-immune response, old injuries came back, I got hyper-inflammation, etc., and this eye doctor tried to say I was harming myself to get liver spots on my hands from taking Albendazole to treat the skin parasites. I had to tell her 1) how would I know I would get liver spots, 2) how are spots, same as freckles, harmful to my skin?? All she was out to do was make me out to be self-destructive. She sees an athletic person with no sores, nice skin, and all she wanted to do was make it out that I was somehow harming myself. I would not hsve taken Albendazole for so long had any doctor ever helped me at all. It’s all self-diagnosis, try everything you can try, and then an eye doctor blames me for it. Doctors do not treat this and they abuse the suffer by saying it is not real and that the person is harming themselves. The doctors are harming me by not diagnosing me and not telling me what meds to take and by forcing me to try all of these meds on my own with no blue print of what to take, how much, how often, then it’s all blamed on me. I’m so sick of all of it. This is the worst disease in that you can’t get treated and the doctors just abuse the suffers instead of diagnosing and treating them.

    1. Consider yourself lucky not to be thrown into an asylum and forced to take anti psychotic drugs for 3 years with NO results and the condition worsening -like they did to me or to have your child taken off you for being an unsafe parent like they did to 2 of my friends!
      It is neglectful and criminal. Bear in mind that – while being classified as insane – you loose all roghts to defend yourself effectively too….

      1. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and to your friends. When the CDC admits this is real, you all should file civil law suits against the doctors who abused you like this. I am finding out what you say is true in that ever since a doctor wrote in my medical record I think I have bugs on me, now I can’t get medical insurance, and also I am having a hard time moving, getting an apartment due to the manager here where I live telling the new places I apply at that I have contagious skin parasites. So on the one hand the doctors lie it is not real, defame my character, libel me, and ruin it for me to get insurance while people are contracting this stuff from me where I live and so they would love to sue me over not getting treated and they stop me from moving by disclosing to other apartment complexes I have this, so all the way around it is better not to tell anyone about it. I am just finding this out. However, it is important to prove doctors did these things so that once the CDC declares this disease as real, you have lots of documentation to be able to sue the doctors, as well they should be. This is a travesty and a total tragedy all the way around. But, those of us who don’t have any lesions make the case for debunking the doctors BS about we are harming ourselves which proves the parasites are real.

      2. Thanks for the advice of keeping documentation of the dostors trails. We have formed a very active group here in Belgium, and are writing to authorities, newspapers, etc…, but, guess what, we only get no replies or delayed answers !
        I also want to mention the many broken homes and the total social isolation because of what happens, specially to the ones with lesions….

      3. You are in Belgium so the laws are probably a bit different than in the U.S. regarding civil law suits. The CDC is the Center For Disease Control in the U.S. and until it says this stuff is real, the U.S. won’t give any money to scientists to find out what it is and to come up with a cure for it – this is what happened with AIDS. People were dying from it and had to keep putting pressure on the politicians to force the CDC to declare AIDS a disease then the U.S. gave funding to research it. I think so many people worldwide have this now because it is highly contagious and the doctors do nothing to treat it, so very soon millions of people, probably 10s of millions of people will have this and it is going to be so alarming to the medical community they are going to have to deal with it. I got it from moving into a place where someone else had it, got it from the carpets. People say their pets get it from them and die from it. So imagine with no treatment and it is highly contagious, how many people will have this soon enough, and finally doctors are going to have to treat it. If a doctor gets it, a movie star gets it, a mother has children suffering with it, someone is going to push this issue and make doctors do something about it very soon.

      4. Yes, it is hope that keeps us alive and the certitude of it spreading to a level high enough to trigger reactions….

  28. Listen up everyone. For all of you who keep insisting thst this is a mental issue….Shame on you, your ignorance and uneducated comments are not only hurting thoses whomhave this, they are killing people and you disgust me and hundreds of thousands more. You need to shut your foul mouth until you have proof without a doubt that you are right.
    I have lived with this for 3 yrs, not a lot comparied to others and i have never made anyone believe me because I could not prove it without a doubt. I have lost everything, job, friends, family, cognitive skills, executive functions and my health. I have done what the doctors asked, took the psychotic drugs and got even sicker. During this time, i painstakingly documented everything on video for my doctors. I have video of all sorts of fibers moving on their own, fiber balls that resemble insects moving across my desk, insects that die have white fibers shooting out of them, partiles in red tubes on my face flowing like water, red viens like structures moving under my skin, round circuluar objects coming out of my skin and going back into my skin, tubes in my scalp, things coming out of the tubes, mites coming out of the tubes, hair roots that have the appearence of snake heads, worm like things coming out of my hair root, 4legged things jumping around in my ear, track marks showing on my face, neck and legs, fibers emerging from my skin, fibers reacting to other fibers, fibers reacting to creams, hair coming out of tubes, hair retracting back in tubes and the list goes on. All documented via viedo to prove to my team of doctors that i only tell the truth, that i have never lied and that i am very sick. All of them are speachless, they see it first hand, shocked and unable to explain the reason for it happening.
    I Highly doubt i am the first and only one to have this documentation. But it is because of all you arrogant, stupid uneducated people running at the mouth with lies and nonsense that those people who can really help are persuaded by what ignorance is out there from you who are not afflicted by this horror.
    So shut your mouth, educate yourself and start to help those of us who are sick. We want nothing more to have the help of those who are educated and can spread the word that this is not only real, but is continues to kill innocent people and if we all work together we can save lives.
    I dont have all the answers, i mearly have the documentation of what is happeing to me. And that doocumention does not lie, but should instead start to educate those of you who spread the nasty, false lies about this horrible thing some have.
    We all have only 1 life here on earth and there is not a single soul on this earth who wants to live like this, we all want to be happy and healthy like many of you.
    Please stop hurting those who need your help. You have done great work in spreading false informatiom, start spreading the truth so those of us can recover.

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