2006-05-19 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


As much sci-fi brain art as you can shake a stick at (via BrainWaves)

…and one amazing picture of neuronanoart (via Neurofuture).

Professor Alan Harvey discusses neural transplantation on ABC Radio’s In Conversation.

The New York Times on the neuroscience of chronic pain.

BBC Five Live broadcasts an investigation into illicit drugs on UK psychiatric wards (called ‘Drugs on the Brain’).

1 in 20 neothlithic skulls show evidence of early neuroweapon injuries.

This week’s New Scientist has a letter on the treatment of ADHD and the ethics of conformity.

PLoS Biology has a paper on how a relatively simple computational model can produce a realistic simulation of the brain’s visual system.

Cognitive Daily’s Dave Munger writes on how the psychology of uncertainty can effect the economics of conservation.

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