NewSci on human optimisation

newsci_20060513.jpgNew Scientist has had a run of neuroscience-related articles recently, and this week’s cover story is no exception as it looks at developments in the science of human enhancement.

For those seeking that advantage, more opportunities are just around the corner – a lot more. Around 40 cognition-enhancing drugs are in development right now, designed to improve wakefulness, attention, memory, decision making and planning (see “Smarter minds”). Gerontologists are starting to believe we could directly intervene in the process of senescence to significantly increase the average human lifespan.

There have also been rapid advances in brain-machine interfaces, such as retinal implants, communication devices for paralysed and locked-in patients, and even memory prostheses, hinting at the possibility of neural implants that enhance normal functioning. Progress in genetic engineering and gene therapy suggests that we will soon be able to rewrite our own genetic code, and that of future generations, removing broken genes, correcting errors and even inserting new ones…

Unfortunately, not available online unless you’re a subscribed, unfortunately, but your library shop or library should have a copy kicking around.

Link to table of contents.

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