Time Magazine on the autistic mind

Time_magazine_autism.jpgTime Magazine has a cover story entitled “Inside the Autistic Mind” from its upcoming May 15th edition. It is available online (after viewing an ad) and discusses the recent developments in the psychology and neuroscience of autism.

“In the meantime, 300,000 school-age American children and many adults are attempting to get through daily life with autism. The world has tended to hear from those who are highest functioning, like Temple Grandin, the author and Colorado State University professor of livestock behavior known for designing humane slaughterhouses. But the voices of those more severely affected are beginning to be heard as well. Such was the case with Sue Rubin, 27, a college student from Whittier, Calif., who has no functional speech and matches most people’s stereotyped image of a retarded person; yet she was able to write the narration for the Oscar-nominated documentary about her life, Autism Is a World.”

The article contains material that some people will baulk at (e.g. the suggestion that cases of autism are vastly increasing) and is quite medical in its approach, although does contain some interesting accounts of ongoing research projects.

Link to Time article ‘Inside the Autistic Mind’.

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