Freud birthday roundup

Sigmund_Freud.jpgToday is the 150th birthday of the late Sigmund Freud, controversial granddaddy of psychoanalysis who sparked off the modern interest in the unconscious and the use of ‘talk therapies’ in treating mental distress.

The Times has a critical article examining his legacy and finishing with a tongue-in-cheek quiz to test your knowledge of the great man and his theories.

Alternatively, The Calcutta Telegraph has a piece on Freud’s last surviving patient, Margarethe Walter, who spoke at an event to celebrate the anniversary.

The National Ledger starts an article by looking at the amount of kitsch freud merchandise available, and goes on to examine the relationship between Sigmund Freud, and his daughter Anna Freud, in a remarkably well-informed article that muses on the possible impact of this on Freudian theories.

And now’s probably a good time to revisit the five-part BBC Radio 4 series Freudian Slips – a series of 15 minute programmes each dedicated to one of Freud’s key works. The series is archived online.

2 thoughts on “Freud birthday roundup”

  1. Hiya. I teach a lot about Freud in my psychology of religion courses — and also have a section of my blog called Sublimation Nation that will be on food, politics and psychoanalysis. The relation of Freud to religion gets a lot less attention these days than his relation to other parts of the humanities, etc.

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