Think friend and enter

keys_white_bg.jpgWired has a short piece on researchers from Carleton University who are attempting to use EEG signals in place of a password – so you can think ‘pass thoughts’ to get to your data.

“It is known there are differences between people’s brains and their signals,” says Carleton researcher Julie Thorpe, who’s working on the project with Anil Somayaji and Adrian Chan. “Can we observe a user-controllable signal encoding hundreds or thousands of bits of information in a repeatable fashion? That’s the real question. We think it may be possible.”

The system has the potential to become a new kind of biometric security tool that — in contrast to fingerprint readers, iris scanners or facial recognition — would allow users to change their pass codes periodically.

Maybe this will lead to a new generation of hackers who train themselves to simulate others mental states in an attempt to forge ‘pass thoughts’?

Link to article ‘Your Thoughts Are Your Password’.

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