NewSci: Likes love, neuroscience, psychology, GSOH

white_bg_rose.jpgI take it Spring has truly sprung, as this week’s New Scientist keeps the theme of love alive by devoting a special issue to that most curious of human behaviours.

There’s feature articles on everything from the psychology of finding (and keeping) the perfect partner to the darker side of obsession and stalking.

Unfortunately, the articles are only available if you stump up hard cash, except for a one-off personals page that has adverts from scientists around the world wanting to meet potential partners. Some are quite poetic:

60’s CHILD (F), thrives on serendipity and chaos, globally involved, healthily skeptical. Curiously awaits nice guy with nourishing bio-psycho-social alternative to flaming hot cheetos for perspectives sharing. Los Angeles. Reply number: 134

Keep an eye out for any hypocoristics.

Link to this week’s table of contents.
Link to New Scientist personals page.

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