SfN Brain Briefings online

SfN_logo.jpgThe Society for Neuroscience publishes monthly Brain Briefings that explain how basic neuroscience discoveries lead to clinical applications.

The newsletters cover recent advances in neuroscience research and are intended for a lay audience so are jargon free and easily digestible.

The webpage versions (rather than the pdf files) are referenced so you can also follow up any of the briefings by getting deep into the science if you get inspired.

Link to SfN Brain Briefings.
Link to Society for Neuroscience.

One thought on “SfN Brain Briefings online”

  1. Thanks for the way you are taking the ideas and research into the worlds of everyday readers and thinkers. What a great site! I was intrigued by your notion of reading difficulties and after keynoting for national Literacy Leaders I heard so many sad stories of adults who try to hide their weakness here — so glad you are sharing this useful help!

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