Goths and mental health

Photo by Christine ApplebyThere’s an informed and critical review of the recent coverage about goths, self-harm and success, over at the Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments blog.

One recent study from Glasgow suggested that although goth kids have a higher rates of self-harm, it is more likely that self-harmers are drawn to the goth subculture than vice-versa, as the majority reported that they began harming themselves before becoming goth.

This was reported quite unpredictably in the media, with the goth subculture either being represented as the cause or remedy of these problems.

Another recent study reported that goths are more likely to go into professional jobs and be financially secure later in life, suggesting a good outcome for the majority.

The Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments blog examines the disparity between the recent reporting of these findings and the representation of goth in the mainstream media.

Link to ‘The Rewards of Being Goth’ on AADT blog.

5 thoughts on “Goths and mental health”

  1. More likely to go into professional jobs? Looking like they do? Who are they kidding? What employer is going to hire someone who looks like that, especially someone who has to deal with customers.

    1. It appears my reply was deleted, so I will try this one more time. If it vanishes again, guess my replies aren’t welcome.

      I am Goth and we are not stupid enough not to know when to dress appropriately for a job. Besides that, as I said before there are a lot of people who have no problem with the way a Goth dresses. I have had a lot of compliments on my look and some people take pictures. We are different and a lot of people appreciate and respect that fact.

  2. Goths aren’t stupid. I realize non goths like to think we are, but we are not, and if we go to work for Joe shmo we dress accordingly, and more people actually like the image than you think. Not everyone who sees us thinks we are some kind of cult worshipping baby eaters. We are people like everyone else. I do so hate the stereotypes and the assumptions you non goths make.

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