2006-04-14 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Study finds more white matter in auditory cortex of people who have a gift for languages.

Male and female brains are differently active, even during rest, reports brain imaging study.

Recent experiment suggests successful community cooperation may rely on a way of punishing noncooperators.

Women have extremely high rates of dissatisfaction with their body image says widely reported but dodgy survey from a magazine.

Clumsy BBC headline of the week – Weak brain links ‘explain autism’ – that actually obscures genuinely interesting research.

Good article in the Boston Globe about research on brain-computer interfaces.

SPET study shows NMDA receptors in left hippocampus of people with schizophrenia may be less efficient.

Futurelab discuss the latest trend in marketing with a neuroscience spin: brain fitness.

Salon feature on “Our crazy mental health system“.

BPS Research Digest reports that people with anxiety disorders suffer less accidents when under 25, but show a higher mortality after.

The Telegraph examines the metaphor of possession in understanding addiction.

As a group, Goths are more likely to self-harm, although probably due to self-harmers being attracted to the group for emotional and peer support reports New Scientist.

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