SciAmMind on AI and alcoholism

SciAmMindApr2006Cover.jpgThe publishing of Scientific American Mind seems to have settled down into a bimonthly cycle with a new issue on the shelves and two of the articles freely available online.

The first tackles how successfully computer simulations of the mind represent genuine human thought and to what extent they will have to rely on simulating other human abilities and attributes – like perception and distributed neural networks.

The second online article looks at the neurobiology of alcohol and what this tells us about alcoholism and booze-related brain impairment.

Other articles, only available in the paid-for version, include a piece by Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel on future challenges for neuroscientists, and a feature article on one of neuropsychology’s current hot-topics: mirror neurons.

Link to AI article ‘Electric thoughts?’.
Link to neurobiology of alcohol article ‘Staying sober’.

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