SciAm online special on The Child’s Mind

SciAmChild'sMindCover.jpgApparently Scientific American have been doing ‘online only’ specials for a while, but they completely passed me by until they just released one on the The Child’s Mind.

It’s a collection of various articles that have been published in SciAm over the past few years on developmental psychology and neuroscience.

The issue is not freely available, it costs $5 to download, but this seems good value for those (like me) not wanting to pay for a full online subscription for issues they might never read.

I quite like the idea of a minimum payment for a one-stop collection of previously published special interest articles and I’m hoping other publishers will consider doing the same.

The special has articles with both clinical and ‘pure research’ angles, including “Why Children Talk to Themselves”, “Scars That Won’t Heal: The Neurobiology of Child Abuse”, “Uncommon Talents: Gifted Children, Prodigies and Savants” and “Think Better: Learning to Focus”.

Link to info on The Child’s Mind online special.

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