Is religion a product of mind and evolution?

blue_angel.jpgThere’s been a lot of interest about naturalistic approaches to religion recently, largely related to the release of Daniel Dennett’s new polemical book Breaking the Spell.

In a similar vein, the New Times has an in-depth article about much of the empirical research that’s fuelling the debate.

Crucially, this research is not simply tackling the idea that biblical ideas such as creation are incorrect, but arguing that the belief in God or other supernatural forces, itself is a product of evolution.

The article focuses on the work of psychologist Jesse Bering, whose work we’ve featured before on Mind Hacks.

Unlike with the wider evolution debate, however, reaction to such work seems to be muted, even among the religious community.

Even when their afterlife study was featured prominently in a recent Atlantic Monthly article written by Paul Bloom, a professor of psychology and linguistics at Yale, and titled provocatively “Is God an Accident?,” there was scant response.

“I tell you, a couple of years ago, there was a science article on a dog, Rico, that could obey verbal commands,” Bloom tells New Times. “That got me ten times more angry e-mails than this. Souls and gods are one thing, but people care a lot about their dogs. So my rule is: I can write about God but not dogs.”

I suspect, however, that as the issue becomes more widely known (especially with Dennett turning up the ante) this will quickly change.

Link to article ‘The God Fossil’ from New Times.

3 thoughts on “Is religion a product of mind and evolution?”

  1. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a fundamentalist atheist but this idea sound good to me, the evolution create god. But, I think that god is now a useless residue of evolution. We should juste kick it out, and leave in peace !

  2. however, as religious people often argue that god somehow is the driving force behind evolution, this study could be misinterpreted as a “proof” for god

  3. “God” is not useless, the argument could be made that those that believe in God have the evolutionary advantage, not the athest. You and me are the weakest links seeing as theist populate the world. [Survival of the Fittest]
    As Darwin said, it is not the most intelligent or the strongest, it is those that are most responsive to change, one who believes in God is very responsive to change.

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