USA Memory championship

Wired has some brief coverage of the USA Memory Championship, which was won by a journalist who entered as research for a book!

This was Foer’s first time competing, but he’d covered it as a freelance science journalist, he said. This year, he decided to experience things from the inside as research for a book he‚Äôs writing on memory, and was shocked at the results.

“I really did not expect to win,” Foer said. “I thought maybe I‚Äôd crack the top five.”

He practiced for the competition starting in July, and his techniques echoed those used by other contestants. He’d spend five to 10 minutes several times a week trying to memorize the order of playing cards in a deck. He also mentally linked integers from 1 to 100 with images and letters to help in remembering lists of numbers. Thirteen, for example, is his girlfriend, he said.

Link to ‘Flexing Brains: Feats of Memory’.

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