Amedeo Challenge now open to small donations

bsk_logo.gifAmedeo Challenge, the site aiming to fund the creation of high-quality open-access medical textbooks, is now taking small and private donations.

On the donations page you can give towards a ‘bounty’ for the completion of a textbook on a number of different topics.

Medical professionals and researchers can work towards creating books to claim the bounty. So far, online books on HIV and influenza have already been published and bounties are available for books on tuberculosis and viral hepatitis.

Of interest to readers here might be proposed books on Alzheimer’s disease, neurology and Parkinson’s disease (I’ve just donated 50 euros towards the creation of an open-access textbook on neurology and can’t wait to see it online).

When completed the books will be freely available for online viewing, to print, and will not have restrictions to prevent them from being translated into other languages.

Unfortunately, medical textbooks can be incredibly expensive (50 euros would be a cheap one) which make them inaccessible to many doctors and researchers in economically deprived countries, not to mention impoverished students the world over.

High-quality open-access textbooks would, therefore, be of great advantage to the advancement of medical science and training throughout the world.

Even the smallest donations will be of use.

Spread the word!

Link to Amedeo Challenge.
Link to Amedeo Challenge donations page.

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