Excellent All in the Mind on epilepsy

blue_epilepsy.jpgLast week’s edition of ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind was an excellent programme on the science, experience and treatment of epilepsy.

The programme talks to several neurologists about what causes the curious condition and how it is being treated.

Also featured on the programmme is Gail Williams, a 16 year old girl who had epilepsy since the age of 4, an experience which included seeing unusual hallucinations before she lost consciousness.

Gail’s epilepsy was particularly serious, and was eventually given brain surgery which has since stopped her seizures. She describes the experience of the surgery and life before and after epilepsy.

This is one of the most comprehensive and engaging programmes I’ve yet heard on the condition. Half an hour well spent.

mp3 or realaudio of programme.
Link to transcript.
Link to Epilepsy Action information pages.

One thought on “Excellent All in the Mind on epilepsy”

  1. Its odd that this was posted today, as I just started reading Lauren Slater’s “Metaphorical memoir” called Lying about her life with epilepsy. So far it’s very insteresting, if anyone wants to check up on it.

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