Mind, brain, Dana and dinner

dana_centre_image.jpgLondon’s public-access science mecca the Dana Centre has just released its March schedule and it includes a number of intriguing mind and brain events.

The 9th March hosts ‘Tricks of the Psych Trade‘ which promises to open up some of the skills and techniques used in contemporary psychology to a live audience. The event is hosted both by professional psychologists and artists. The tickets are free but must be booked in advance.

An evening on 15th March discusses ‘Deep Brain Stimulation‘ – the practice of implanting permanent electrodes into the brain to treat neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease. The panel includes a consultant neurosurgeon, a neurologist and a patient who has had the operation. This event is also free to book, and will be broadcast live over the web.

Finally, for those wanting dinner with their neuroscience, this month’s Dinner@Dana event on 22nd March aims to combine fine food with a discussion on ‘Decoding the mind’.

Link to ‘Tricks of the Psych Trade’ on 9th March.
Link to ‘Deep Brain Stimulation’ on 15th March.
Link to ‘Dinner@Dana: Decoding the mind’ on 22nd March.

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