2006-02-17 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Research suggests that complex decisions should be ‘slept-on’ whereas simple decisions such as “selecting a brand of oven glove” (huh?) can be left to the conscious mind.

Cinematical reviews new movie “Unknown white male” – a documentary about someone with retrograde amnesia.

Japan sees a surge of death from people who make ‘internet suicide pacts‘, reports the BBC.

Wired discusses research on the biases in interpreting emotional tone from other people’s emails.

An article in The Manitoban discusses the science and validity of parapsychology [Ghostbusters fans: make your own jokes about Manitoban’s Spirit Guide here].

Nature report on research that suggests that the more familiar you are with a route, the longer it seems.

Stanford neuroscientist Bill Newsome wants to implant an electrode in his brain to better understand human consciousness. Cool!

Circadiana discusses the disrupting effect of puberty and menstruation onset on sleep patterns.

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