Mindfulness-based therapy in Time Magazine

StevenHayes.jpgTime magazine talks to psychologist Steven Hayes in an article about the development of ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ – an increasingly popular treatment for mental disorder.

I’m not familiar with the name, but it seems to be a form of mindfulness-based therapy, originally developed by a team at Cambridge University, inspired by Buddhist meditation techniques, and known to be highly effective in treating depression.

The article contains a summary of both ACT and the current most popular and most evaluated form of psychological therapy: cognitive behaviour therapy or CBT.

The Time article is a little overzealous in its enthusiasm, suggesting that ACT outperformed CBT when applied to a wide range of mental disorders, when, in fact, Hayes himself wrote an encouraging but balanced review article in which he stated “there are not enough well-controlled studies to conclude that ACT is generally more effective than other active treatments”.

Nevertheless, the article is an interesting insight into Hayes himself, and a good account of some of the core principles behind modern psychological treatments for mental illness.

Link to article ‘Happiness isn’t normal’.
Link to information on mindfulness-baded therapy from Oxford University.

One thought on “Mindfulness-based therapy in Time Magazine”

  1. Dear Vaughan,
    To be accurate, if you want to say who originally developed mindfulness-based therapy then it was Steve Hayes and his group, as the earliest acceptance and commitment therapy studies were done in the 1980s. Similarly Marsha Linehan was using mindfulness as a component of the dialectical behavior therapy approach for borderline personality disorder from the late 1980s. All of this predates the work done by the team at Cambridge University, who developed mindfulness based cognitive therapy in the late 1990s.
    If you are interested in knowing more about ACT then I can recommend the following link: http://www.contextualpsychology.org
    cheers, Eric

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