Neurobiological optimisation

better_humans.jpgAn article in The Guardian discusses the possibilities of using new developments in biotechnology to enhance the human mind and brain.

The article is somewhat breathless to say the least, but does contain an interesting overview of the current schools of thought on the possible impact of the technology on society.

The author also notes that there are a number of upcoming events which will discuss the implications of a world where cognitive enhancement technology is widely available.

One such event, entitled ‘Better Humans?‘, is being run by the London-based think-tank Demos in Feburary and aims to mark the launch of a series of essays on the topic.

A further event, entitled ‘Tomorrow’s People‘, is being run by Oxford University in March and aims “to explore the promises of technology for life enhancement and extension in different parts of the world”.

Link to ‘There is no stop button in the race for human re-engineering’.

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