Japanese-language Mind Hacks

mindhacks_jp.gif Mind Hacks has been available in Japanese since December 2005, and according to the reviews on Google’s translation of the Amazon.co.jp page, the book’s been exceptionally well translated. (Also, very well received which is gratifying!) I believe this is the translator’s blog and, if so, thanks very much and well done.

Looking at a few more translated pages, including that blog again and the O’Reilly Japan news page, it seems that Mind Hacks sold out at the end of 2005 and has now been reprinted. That’s testament to what must be a great job in translating and re-working the book–and, since I now have the finished object in my hand, some beautiful book design. The binding and production is really good. Congratulations folks! It really is exciting to see Mind Hacks do this well… and very odd to see photos of Tom and me and all other others in the book floating off around the world.

Any Japanese readers out there who’d like to buy the book: Please see the links here and the O’Reilly Japan book page for some sample hacks. Also please do report back!

I’ve tucked a couple of photos below the fold…

I’ve loved looking at Japanese books, even though I can’t read them, since I was young, so please forgive me the indulgence of posting these photos.

The book cover is very glossy, and is actually a dust jacket too.


Inside, the pages are on thin paper and very slightly yellow. It’s high quality and easier to read than very bleached paper. The Theodore Zeldin quotation from the front of the English version has been translated too, which is pleasing.


These pages are from the mirror and curtain pole hack, and there I am with much longer hair than I have now.

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