Tantalizing science


Neuroscience, the investigation of brains, is a child of the Enlightenment, born of the belief that nothing is out of bounds to science. Like her sister, genetics, she grew up in the twentieth century, overshadowed by their older sibling physics, who has changed all our lives and has blood on her alter to prove it. Genetics promises even greater accomplishments, boasting of how she will one-day conquer the world. Compared to these shadowy teenagers, neuroscience is a quiet Cinderella. But some say that she will outstrip her sisters, changing not only the world we live in, not only the bodies we are born with, but the thoughts and selves and cultures we create.

Stirring words from physiologist Kathleen Taylor in her fascinating book on the history and science of ‘Brainwashing‘ (p105, ISBN 0192804960).

Link to previous post on Brainwashing.

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