Theatre festival on brain injury

cartesian_theatre.jpgBrainBlog has picked up on an upcoming theatre festival based around the unusual consequences of brain injury and neurological disease.

NEUROfest will run from January 6th to the 29th in New York City, and includes:

* Multimedia by real-life neurologist James Jordan in CJD; to
* A family musical with Welcome to Tourettaville! (co-written by a 7 year-old with Tourette’s Syndrome); to
* A short monologue in The Taste of Blue, set in the realm of the senses; to
* A full-length opera/theater piece in Tabula Rasa; to
* An examination of communication in Linguish, when language isn’t an option; to
* A love story about two men, music, and vertigo in Vestibular; to
* A family drama about delusion and doppelgangers in Impostors
* and much more…

Impostors is about Capgras syndrome, the delusional belief that a close relative or spouse has been replaced by an idenical looking impostor.

Interestingly, the science-fiction author Philip K. Dick wrote a short story entitled ‘Impostor’, which has a Capgras-like plot. It eventually got turned into a low budget movie of the same name.

Link to BrainBlog on NEUROfest.
Link to NEUROfest homepage.

One thought on “Theatre festival on brain injury”

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