New look ‘Science and Consciousness Review’

scr_image.jpgA long running web journal, the Science and Consciousness Review, has relaunched with a new look and growing content.

The journal is run by three academic scientists who want to open up consciousness research and discussion to the internet. The journal contains book reviews, summaries of new papers and internet resources.

One of the most interesting recent posts is about the increasingly comprehensive Consciousness Studies Wikibook, which is a becoming a dynamic textbook on consciousness science.

Link to Science and Consciousness Review.
Link to Consciousness Studies Wikibook.

One thought on “New look ‘Science and Consciousness Review’”

  1. Hi Vaughan,
    Thanks a lot for notifying your visitors about us. Please also notice that we are running an RSS feed of MindHacks on our index page.
    BTW, just to correct you, we are more than just three people. Our editorial board consists of some of the most prominent consciousness researchers in the field.
    PS! I’ve also linked to you from the Brainethics blog (

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