Tajne uma (Croatian Mind Hacks)

tajne_uma.jpgThe Croatian translation of Mind Hacks has just been published. The full title is “Tajne uma. 100 hakerskih trikova na≈°eg mozga” and you can see it / buy it here. Kudos to the translator, Ognjen Strpic, who i discovered is not only fluent in English and Croatian, but also in Neuroscience too (Ognjen picked up on a small error I’d made in the text on the physical colour of part of the visual cortex).

3 thoughts on “Tajne uma (Croatian Mind Hacks)”

  1. I’m sure it’s possible! Just don’t ask me how. O’Reilly (the publisher) organises all the translation stuff, they literally just let us know when it is happening – we don’t get any say in how it happens.

  2. Marcelo,
    You should visit http://rights.oreilly.com/ and make an inquiry. The guys at O’Reilly are really great to work with so you’ll probably make the arrangements quickly and smoothly.
    Bear in mind, however, that the ease of reading the book is deceiving and actually makes it harder to translate, if you wish to retain its informal tone while preserving scientific accuracy. As for the latter, I’m indebted to Goran ≈†imiƒá, neuroscientist at Croatian Institute for Brain Research, and Meri Tadinac, professor of Biological Psychology at University of Zagreb: they have have greatly improved the text, not to mention my understanding of physiology. (Btw, the error Tom is referring to was spotted by Goran, not me — I was tempted to take the credit, though 🙂
    Happy hacking

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